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MacOS Modern is a set of Visual Studio Code themes styled to match native MacOS as closely as possible. Updated to include dark + light versions and a few minimal icon themes. Reapply both (icon and color) themes if you have problems. I HIGHLY recommend using the settings below for best results. Screenshots need to be updated; there is a lot more options now. The dark theme has just got an overhaul!

MacOS Modern - Xcode Low Key + MacOS Modern Minimal Icons

** dark **

Visual Studio MacOS - iOS App Signing, Provisioning, and TeamID - MSAL Authentication. Then I had to reinstall visual studio 3 times as it kept giving me 'unknown token g' in any project I tried to create or open. Then I couldn't get my app to run due to a missing team id for small authentication, so I tried to set up provisioning, but don. Visual Studio 2017 for Mac was launched at MS Build 2017 with many fresh and exciting features for Visual Studio developers using Mac machines. Mac OS users can build apps for mobile, web, and cloud with Xamarin and.NET Core, and games with Unity using Visual Studio. App Center SDK Analytics and Crashes are compatible with Mac Catalyst via XCFramework or SwiftPM. App Center SDK is compatible with Apple Silicon. Create your app in the App Center Portal to obtain the App Secret. If you've already created your app in the App Center portal, you can skip this step. Freelance time tracking mac. Head over to Visual Studio is a new member of the Visual Studio family, enabling developers on macOS to build apps for mobile, Web, and cloud with Xamarin and.NET Core, as well as games with Unity. Use Visual Studio to develop apps for Android, macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, Web, and cloud.

MacOS Modern - Xcode Default + MacOS Modern - Color Icons

MacOS Modern - Xcode Low Key + MacOS Modern - Color Icons

Visual Studio Mac Os App

Setup & Tweaks

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There are a few settings that should be added to your User Settings to really transform the look to better match OS X. The zoom level and native title bar make a huge difference in the overall look of VSCode. I also prefer to hide the Activity Bar, which can be done from the View menu.

Highly Recommended

Extension Tweaks

If you choose to hide the activity bar, you can install the 'Activitus Bar' extension to add the activity bar buttons to your status bar. Add these settings to theme the 'Activitus Bar' and 'Project Manager' extensions to match Modern MacOS.

Optional Additions

You can optionally hide the minimap.

Activity Bar Badge Background

You can change the activity bar badge background with these settings. Add the line for the color you want to workbench.colorCustomizations

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Light and dark VSCode icons are also included in full quality (don't use the small preview below) on the GitHub repo or in the extension folder in:
You could also download the files from the repo folder by clicking the name of the icns or png and clicking the 'Download' button. You can use the free app LiteIcon to change the icon.

There are also Sketch design files with all the icons. Feel free to use, tweak, add, etc. If you find them useful, a shoutout would be appreciated.

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