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FastFox Text Expander Software for Mac. FastFox Text Expander Software is a versatile tool that enables expansion of texts, creation of shortcuts as well as the creation of macros. The software is available on the Mac platform though there is a version for Windows platform still. The software is.

The importance of text expanders

Available since 1989, TypeIt4Me is the original text expander for Mac OS. Any time you enter text in your Mac by typing it at the keyboard, TypeIt4Me can help you do it. Commercial Mac iPhone iPad Auto Correction Text expansion Add a feature. Text expander free download - Auto Text Expander, FastFox Text Expander, RAR Expander, and many more programs. Enter to Search. My Profile Logout. TextExpander 4 is the missing shortcut utility for Mac OS X. To get you started, TextExpander bundled a series of predefined keyboard shortcuts (snippets), including Emoji. Autocorrect snippets bundles words in other languages, complete with accents.

Text Expanders For Mac Osx

Every day, we write letters, e-mails and many other documents with many recurrent text blocks again and again.

These tasks are tedious and time-wasting, no matter if it's about introductions, confirmations, thank-yous or goodbyes. It's also cumbersome to write long complex names or URL's as many mistakes can creep in.

Fortunately, there are applications solving this problem: text expanders. With a text expander it's easy to achieve exhausting office work and so these applications are gladly accepted as they relieve work.

A text expander, as the word already says, expands text. With text expanders you can set up text templates and assign an abbreviation to each of them.

When you then want to insert such a predefined template, the text expander comes into play. You just type the abbreviation and the text expander expands it to the full boilerplate text in no time.

Imagine the pleasant and stress-free work, just with the use of such a little tool.

Typinator - the fastest text expander in town

Typinator is a text expander software for Mac OS X that allows you to set up text templates and define your own abbreviations for them.

Whenever you then type one of these abbreviations, Typinator inserts the corresponding text into your document, system-wide, in whichever application you're currently using. You can create all kinds of text templates, you can even insert the current date and/or time with just a few keystrokes or also insert images such as a smiley or your own handwritten signature.

But Typinator has many more other features. Typinator is a general auto-typing and auto-correction tool. It comes with thousands of predefined corrections for common typos and misspelled words for the languages English, German, and French.

Text Expanders For Mac Shortcut

Typinator has received a lot of great user feedback, like:

'Typinator has revolutionized my workflow – anytime I know I will need a phrase/explanation more than once - it goes directly into this brilliant product. What a timesaver!' Todd Gilbert (Second Street Media), MO, USA.


for Mac

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For TextExpander v5 or earlier click here.


Download the app

Unzip the application and double click the file.



Drag TextExpander into your applications folder


Double click on the app icon to launch TextExpander.

for Chrome

for Windows


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Download the app installer

Atext Text Expander

Run the downloaded installer directly when prompted.


Steam home streaming for macbook pro. Follow the prompts from the installer to complete installation.


TextExpander launches automatically after installation.

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System Requirements

For macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) and earlier, and iOS 8 and earlier, learn more about our earlier version TextExpander apps.