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New features in Protect help wrangle often unruly native security controls

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Tanium this week made a significant addition to its Protect platform, wrapping in encryption management capabilities for Windows and MacOS machines.

Read the Release Notes for the new and intermediate Tanium Client versions to understand which enhancements, bug fixes, and known issues those versions include. If you deploy upgrades to endpoints that have a firewall turned on and that run macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later, perform the steps under Manage popups for Tanium Client upgrades. The ability to uninstall the Tanium Client service must be disabled on all managed clients. By default, end users have the ability to uninstall software on their clients. In the event the Tanium Client software is uninstalled, the Tanium Server is unable to manage the client and must. V-92045: Medium. Tanium 7.4 clients: The standard Tanium client port (17472/TCP) cannot be used to determine if a computer is managed or not. The reason for this is 17472 is open on the “localhost” address only - until there are other potential Tanium clients in the neighborhood to peer with. Solution ID: sk163094: Technical Level: Product: Endpoint Security VPN, SSL Network Extender, IPSec VPN: Version: E82: OS: Mac: Date Created: 2019-10-16 12:27:23.0.

Security Advisory: Remediation of Content Vulnerability for Linux, Mac, and Unix Tanium Clients (Incorrectly Referenced as CVE-2015-1234) October 21, 2016 06:54 Tanium was recently made aware of a scripting vulnerability exposed by four Sensor scripts imported by the Tanium Console during the Tanium Platform installation process.

The Lowdown: The new Drive Encryption Management features target users who want to take advantage of native data protection controls and policies built into the operating systems (as opposed to third-party encryption tools), but who often find them difficult and complicated to manage at scale.

The Details: Tanium Protect with Drive Encryption Management lets organizations take advantage of native OS security controls using a single console.
With the updated Tanium Protect, security teams can also:
• Manage and enforce policies on local and remote endpoints
• Create policies to block malicious network connections and applications
• Secure endpoints with AV protection
• Strengthen security posture with full-disk encryption and removable-media control
• Remediate security incidents
The updated Tanium Protect will be available later this summer.

The Buzz: “Encryption of data at rest is essential for securing portable endpoints in the event they are lost, stolen, or inappropriately decommissioned. It isn’t optional; it’s a fundamental security control, and most compliance regulations today, such as HIPAA and PCI, require the use of encryption to protect sensitive data,” wrote Matt Hastings, Tanium’s senior director of product management for security and risk, in a blog post announcing the feature add-ons. “Tanium offers a lightweight approach to managing and enforcing endpoint security policies, avoids agent bloat, minimizes impact to overall performance, and circumvents the challenges common to slower, antiquated management tools.”


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