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Download the latest version of MacSpice for Mac - Electronic circuit simulator. Read 4 user reviews of MacSpice on MacUpdate. Today this article is a list of circuit simulation softwares for Mac. Since most of the circuit simulators run on Windows, it may be a problem for Mac users. Here I present you 10 of the best circuit simulation tools available on Mac that allow you to design, analyse and test a circuit virtually on a computer. The programs below may provide either analog or digital simulation capabilities.

Ngspice download (stable release)

All ngspice stable releases, including the most recent one, can be downloaded from Sourceforge.net File Release System. Ngspice is released as a gzipped tar archive containing all source files of the simulator. They compile under various operating systems, e.g. LINUX, MS Windows, MAC, BSD, Solaris, and maybe others. Binary packages are distributed for MS Windows and MAC OS X.

  • ngspice-33: this is the folder with the latest stable release. It does not contain last minute code and experimental features. This is the release intended for end-users. All sources are assembled into a tarball for download. Binary packages for MS Windows and MAC OS X are to be found here as well.

Ngspice installation (quick intro)

If you are on MS Windows (64 bit, Windows 10), download ngspice-33_64.zip from the web site given above. Expand the contents of the zip file to an arbitrary location on your computer (you should have read and write access to this location, if not run in admin mode), e.g. to D:. You also may download the GUI that is shown below. Expand its content into the Spice64bin folder. And that's it!

If you are on macOS, ngspice-33.pkg is your friend.

For Linux we do not offer pre-compiled packages. You may either resort to your Linux distributor und use their installation manager for a pre-compiled package. Some are listed here. However these may not yet contain the current release version. So you might want to compile ngspice by yourself. Then download and extract the sources from the ngspice-33 tarball. Please see file INSTALL or the ngspice manual (chapt. 32) for instructions on compilation and installation of ngspice.

If you are interested in the ngspice nightly for MS Windows or other development or ngspice experimental versions, please read on! Legacy Windows OSs are supported as well.

Ngspice download via browser or snapshot (code under development)

  • ngspice tree view of master branch: This is the master branch of the code actually under development. It contains the most recent features and has already got lots of testing. Use this link to access the individual source code files via your browser. Select 'Download Snapshot' from this page to download the complete and actual master branch source code. Check one of the 'Branches' buttons (or 'More Branches' to display all branches) to switch to another branch and then again use 'Download Snapshot'. Another development branch example is given in the next bullet point.
  • ngspice tree view of branch pre-master: This is the current development branch with very recent source code additions. After testing they may make it into the master branch and the next stable release. Use this link to access the source code files via your browser or download the complete snapshot by 'Download snapshot'.

Ngspice download using git (code under development)

Using 'git' offers you a way to get access to all branches and to manage them. The following command will download the complete sources from the ngspice git repository via anonymous access. You will find the ngspice top level directory as [actual directory]/ngspice, containing a complete local git repository.

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/ngspice/ngspice

Please see file INSTALL for instructions on compilation and installation of ngspice.

To fetch and incorporate new commits from sourceforge into your local git repository, please cd to directory ngspice and run

git pull

git pull will deny to overwrite modified files in your working directory. To drop your local changes first, you can run

git reset --hard Lego movie game download.

Be careful because this command may delete your local changes! Spice Client For Mac

To switch to another branch, you may issue

git fetch

and then

git checkout new-branch-name

To learn more about git, which can be both powerful and difficult to master, please consult http://git-scm.com/, especially: http://git-scm.com/documentation which has pointers to documentation and tutorials.

Ngspice GUI

Spice Client For Mac

A simple GUI for starting ngspice and plotting (binaries for MS Windows, 64 bit) is available here, along with its source code that compiles with Lazarus IDE.

Ngspice for MS Windows (master branch, 64 bit)

ngspice-33plus 64 bit devel is our ngspice nightly for MS Windows (though not updated every night). It contains 64 bit ngspice binaries with GUI, console and the shared ngspice dll. Sources are drawn from the master branch at git. The last update has been made on Jan. 27th, 2021.

Ngspice-33+ update for KiCad (master branch, 64 bit)

ngspice-33plus 64 bit upgrade is an offer to the KiCad community to upgrade their ngspice-32 installation to the current ngspice under development (code with recent bug fixes, MS Windows only, sorry). The libngspice-0.dll was made from master branch on Dec. 23rd, 2020 for MS Windows. An installation how-to is found in file ngspice-howto.txt.

Ngspice-33+ update for EAGLE (pre-master branch, 64 bit)

ngspice-33plus 64 bit upgrade is an offer to the EAGLE community to upgrade their ngspice-26 installation to a current ngspice. The ngspice.exe was made from pre-master branch on Nov. 2nd, 2020 for MS Windows. An installation how-to is found in file ngspice-howto.txt.

Ngspice for legacy Windows OSs

Here you will find ngspice-32 made with MINGW as 64 bit binary for MS Windows 7. Right click on a link and store the 7z file to your harddisk. ngspice-33 for W7 contains the ngspice.exe executable plus three dlls linked to the exe.

ngspice-27 for xp contains 32 bit ngspice-27 for Windows XP. Right click on the link and store the 7z file to your harddisk. Enclosed are ngspice.exe with GUI and the shared ngspice dll plus some other dlls needed.

Ngspice for MS Windows, reading, simulating and writing wav audio files

ngspice-32plus 64 bit wav audio is a ngspice for MS Windows (based on branch wav-audio). It contains 64 bit ngspice with all required dlls and a section with some examples. Much more testing is required, and some know how in wav files and audio sampling may help. See file README.wavsim for some more details and acknowledgments and file README.examples for a list of the experimental files. Many thanks to Robin Gareus and Hannu Vuolasaho. Robin Gareus has provided in introduction and manual on his web pages.

To fulfill the LGPL requirements, the sources for library libsamplerate-0.1.9 are available here.

Ngspice experimental (not all updated for release version 33!)

Here you will find some ngspice binaries (for MS Windows) which are provided for those interested in experimental code. Right click on a link and store the 7z file to your harddisk.

ngspice-33+adms is a ngspice-33+, 64 bit binary for MS Windows with ADMS enabled. It contains the ngspice-33+ binaries (GUI and console) supporting BSIMBULK, BSIMCMG, EKV2.6, HICUM0, MEXTRAM504 and PSP102 models. Sources are drawn from the branch pre-master. It has been made with MINGW64 in MSYS2.

ngspice-32+ 64 bit klu devel contains a 64 bit ngspice binary for MS Windows, with GUI, using the KLU matrix solver. Sources are drawn from the KLU-6+11-rebase-master branch at git.

cuspice (ngspice-27 64 bit using CUDA, incl. CUDA redistributables, 24 MBit download size) contains a 64 bit ngspice binary with GUI, using the KLU matrix solver and CUDA (uses nvidia graphics card for acceleration). Sources are drawn from the CUSPICE+5 branch at git.

The ngspice tclspice package includes all libraries and files necessary to run some tcl scripts with the ngspice tclspice dll. The package has been created with a modified BLT library, which serves for plotting. If you install the tcl/tk libraries version 8.6 from ActiveState, add the VS 2008 project file to the ngspice main directory, and set the appropriate links in the project file to the tcl/tk library and headers, you may compile ngspice tclspice for MS Windows yourself.

Client A more recent tclspice version, very experimental, is here as Spice

Spice Proxy

BLT library for VS2017Spice, and VS 2017 project file, based on the master branch as of June 2017. Again: very experimental, not yet tested!

Ngspice download (old, obsolete stuff)

Pspice For Mac

CVS repository is no longer used, still available, but may be switched down in the future.

Old releases (before rework-10), are available through this web site only (see the menu on the left), they are archived for historical purposes and are no longer maintained.

The virt-manager application is a desktop user interface for managing virtual machines through libvirt. It primarily targets KVM VMs, but also manages Xen and LXC (linux containers). It presents a summary view of running domains, their live performance & resource utilization statistics. Wizards enable the creation of new domains, and configuration & adjustment of a domain’s resource allocation & virtual hardware. An embedded VNC and SPICE client viewer presents a full graphical console to the guest domain.

About virt-manager’s supporting tools

virt-install is a command line tool which provides an easy way to provision operating systems into virtual machines.

virt-viewer is a lightweight UI interface for interacting with the graphical display of virtualized guest OS. It can display VNC or SPICE, and uses libvirt to lookup the graphical connection details.

virt-clone is a command line tool for cloning existing inactive guests. It copies the disk images, and defines a config with new name, UUID and MAC address pointing to the copied disks.

Spice Client For Mac Os

virt-xml is a command line tool for easily editing libvirt domain XML using virt-install’s command line options.

Spice Viewer

virt-bootstrap is a command tool providing an easy way to setup the root file system for libvirt-based containers.