Satronic Dmg 970


Honeywell Satronic Control Box DMG970-N Mod 03 240v (0450003U)

Microsoft precision mouse mac. Honeywell 0452003 Control Box DMG 972-N MOD. Honeywell Control Box DMG 970-N Mod 01 220/240v (0450001U) £138.86 Honeywell DKW 976-N Mod 5 220 240v (0426005) GS471021730 The DKW 972/976 oil burner safety co. Satronic DMG 970 MOD03 Gas Control Box 240V Satronic DMG 970 Two Stage Control Box 240V. For 2-stage forced draught and combi oil/gas burners. Satronic DMG 970 Data Sheet.

Satronic Dmg 970
Microprocessor, electronic components, output relais and flame amplifier are placed on two printed circuit boards.
These plus the lockout- and reset circuit are well protected inside a flame resistant, plug-in type plastic housing.
The reset switch for reset / remote lockout with its built-in LED for displaying the information system plus the central fixing screw are placed on top of the housing.
The wiring base S98 is equipped with spare- and extraterminals and allows together with a variety of cable entry points utmost flexibility of electrical wiring.
Satronic Dmg 970

Satronic Dmg 970 Manual


Satronic Dmg 970 Mod 3 Manual

Satronic dmg 970 mod 02
The DMG 970-N is funstionally compatible to MMI 810 and MMI 810.1
Please note: Is the DMG 970-N to be used to replace the MMI 810 or 810.1, care has to be taken to make sure the air proving switch (LW) is wired between terminals 4 and 7 and not like on the MMI between 5 and 7.