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Wireless Presenter Remote, ESYWEN RF 2.4GHz USB Presentation Remote Control PowerPoint Presentation Clicker for Keynote/PPT/Mac/PC by ESYWEN 4.6 756. Air Mouse Pro is a great remote, but for applications such as Boxee, Front Row, and Plex that rely almost entirely on a Mac keyboard’s arrow and Return keys, it’s imperfect as its keyboard is a.

Connect to a remote desktop from anywhere over a secure connection. View the remote screen, move the remote mouse pointer and send keystrokes.

File Transfer


Easily copy and move files to and from a remote desktop using drag and drop or run a dedicated File Transfer mode and copy files in a two-pane window like a pro.

Two Factor Authentication

Enable 2-factor authentication for ultimate protection. Use Google Authenticator or a similar app to generate a security code for a session.

Active Directory Support

Easily integrate Remote Utilities into your Active Directory environment. Add new domain controllers, push-install the program across your AD network and connect in one click.

MSI Configuration

Use the built-in MSI Configurator to create a custom Host installer for further deployment across your network.

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Self-hosted Server

Enhance Remote Utilities capabilities with an on-premises server and build a 100% autonomous remote support solution to comply with strictest security requirements.

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Excellent remote support tool for both internal office users and remote employee support. Free to use when supporting 10 users or less.

Travel, 101-250 Employees

Remote control your Mac computers from any other device. Use your Mac computer to remote into another computer. Get started now for free!

If you’re a Mac user, finding the right remote desktop software can be difficult. That’s because not all remote desktop tools offer Mac users the same level of functionality and support as their Windows PC counterparts.


This can make it difficult for you to use your Mac laptop to work remotely. Or to remote into your Mac computer while away.

So which solution provides the best remote desktop app for Mac? The answer is Splashtop.

With Splashtop, you’ll enjoy seamless remote access to and from your Mac computers. You can use your Mac to access a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Or, you can remotely control your Mac computer from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or even Chromebook device!

Sketch 55 crack. Either way, you feel as if you were sitting in front of your computer during a remote connection. Not only will you see the screen of your remote computer in real-time, you will also be able to hear the audio coming from the remote Mac computer!

Benefits of Splashtop Remote Desktop for Mac

Leverage your macOS computers for work from home and remote working. Need to access a certain application on your Mac? Or do you want to access your remote PC in the office with your Mac laptop? No problem!.

If you’re accessing your work Mac computer, you’ll be able to control all the specialized software that runs on your Mac. You’ll be able to run applications including Adobe Creative Suite tools (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, etc.), AutoCAD, Revit, Microsoft Office, and more.

Remote For Mac

Using your remote Mac for video and audio production is easier with Splashtop as it’s one of the few remote desktop tools that transmits the sound from the remote Mac computer back to your local device. Splashtop’s fast connections with HD quality ensure you can lip-sync your videos even while working remotely.

Plus, you’ll be able to access all the files on the computer during remote desktop connections, allowing you to pick up on projects right where you left off.

This is also why Splashtop is a great solution for education. School districts and universities are turning to Splashtop to give students remote access to Mac computer labs.

Remote For Mac Mini

Try Splashtop Remote Desktop for Mac for Free

All you need is your user account and an internet connection to be able to access your Mac at any time, from anywhere. And the best part is you can get started for free!

See how easy it is to control your Mac from any other device or use your Mac to remote into another computer. Start your free trial of Splashtop Business Access. No credit card or commitment is required.

Splashtop’s high performance remote access for Mac is a big reason why 30 million users already use Splashtop for fast, secure, and convenient remote access. Try it out for yourself!

Or check out Splashtop’s other remote desktop solutions for IT, help desks, MSPs, and education.

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