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Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac is the world's most powerful solution for running Windows and Mac OS X applications on a Mac, side-by-side- without rebooting. Box includes one Product Key Card - No Disc. Run Windows 8, 7 and XP apps like they were made for a Mac while enjoying Mac gestures and features like Dictation in Windows apps. Set a custom (non-Mac-admin) password to protect VM settings. Restrict Parallels Desktop users from changing VM settings, and view modes. Restrict Parallels Desktop users from creating, removing, cloning, and other operations over virtual machines. Create expiring virtual machines with a specified lifetime.

Company:Parallels, Inc.
Current Version: Version 2.5 Build 3188 (Feb 27, 2007)
Trial/Demo Version Available:15- Day Trial at
Cost: $79.95 ($65.99 at – May 1, 2007)
Run Multiple Sessions Simultaneously: Yes
64-Bit Primary OS: No

    * Mac OS X v10.4.6
    * Intel Core processor (Core Solo, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, Intel Xeon “Woodcrest” (Dual Core)
    * 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
    * 30MB free hard-disk space (for installation)
    * Hard-disk space for each virtual machine.

Uses Intel Hardware Virtualization? Yes (Note: Core Solo-based Mac minis run software virtualization)
Mac Models known to work:
Issues with specific Mac Models:

Guest OSes: Windows (3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP, 2003, Vista), any Linux distribution (Ubuntu 7.04, FreeBSD, Solaris, OS/2, eComStation, or MS-DOS

Other related software:
* PD Tweaker – Software that addresses initial shortcomings (since rectified)
* Parallels Transporter (Beta information, bundled with Parallels Desktop)
* SerialParallels 1.0 – for turning sockets into serial ports (Third Party)

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* Featured in Apple’s “Get a Mac – Run Windows” Campaign
* – Using Parallels in Web Design
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Previous Versions
* March 7, 2007 – Build 3188 – Version 2.5
* February 27, 2007 – Build 3186 – Final Release – Version 2.5
* February 15, 2007 – Build 3170 – Release Candidate 3
* February 7, 2007 Macworld Hands On with Windows Vista on Macs
* February 1, 2007 – Build 3150 – Release Candidate 2
* January 10, 2007 – Build 3120 – Release Candidate 3120
* December 29, 2006 – Build 3106 – Beta 3
* December 21, 2006 – Build 3094 – Beta 2
* December 1, 2006 – Build 3036
* October 27, 2006 – Build 1966
* October 11, 2006 – Build 1940
* September 28, 2006 – RC 2 Build 1922
* October 10, 2006 – Build 1940

Additional Screenshots:

Setup Screen (Image from Parallels, Inc.)

Parallels Desktop in Action (Image from Parallels, Inc.)

The next version of popular virtualization software Parallels Desktop, which allows users to run Microsoft Windows applications natively on their Mac without the need to reboot, is scheduled to ship the first week of September and boast a number of new features, including optimization for Apple's forthcoming OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Parallels Desktop 9, which is currently available to select testers in beta form, is also said to feature copy and paste support for Mac OS X virtual machines. The new software also has an improved 'Coherence View,' which makes Windows applications appear as if they are running natively on the Mac.


The new version of Parallels also reportedly includes improvements to creating and customizing key commands, as well as an improved interface that makes it easier to install Windows on a Mac without a DVD SuperDrive. Apple has been working to eliminate integrated legacy disc drives from its Mac lineup.

Parallels Desktop 9 For Mac Mac Vm

Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac is slated to become available in the first week of September — specifically, a release date of Thursday, Sept. 5 has been leaked through some online resellers. Parallels has said that customers who buy the latest version, Parallels Desktop 8, from an authorized reseller between now and Oct. 31 will receive a free upgrade to Parallels Desktop 9 with a dated proof of purchase.

Manual for a case jx75. The last major version, Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac, debuted last September, featuring 30 percent faster 3D graphics and 25 percent faster startup of Windows. It was also updated in June to work with developer pre-release builds of OS X Mavericks.

Parallels Desktop 8 also features support for Microsoft's latest Windows 8 platform, and gives users the ability to utilize the dictation feature in OS X in Windows applications. It also supports the high-resolution Retina displays on Apple's latest high-end MacBook Pros.

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