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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is the father of the PDF format, and their viewing tools are excellent. However, Nitro Pro is better in some aspects, especially when it comes to the variety of editing and exporting functions. All in all, Nitro's productivity suite is the best for corporate use, seconded by Adobe. Actually, there isn't a Nitro for Mac version. Nitro only works on Windows.

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Nitro Office presents a suite of powerful and versatile
productivity software. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, plus a PDF editor and more.


From word processing to desktop publishing, Nitro Documents has all the features you need to freely express your ideas and showcase your creativity.

  • A full featured Word document editor
  • Create indexes and tables in documents
  • Offer a wide variety of document design options
  • Desktop publishing for brochures and newsletters
  • Insert pictures with different formats


An intuitive and easy to use spreadsheet program that comes with a comprehensive range of advanced features. Spreadsheet makes it possible to collect, cross-tabulate, and summarize data from enterprise databases.

  • Designed for both home and corporate users
  • Use built-in templates to enhance work efficiency
  • Real-time data analysis with the Scenario Manager
  • Flexible cell formatting with numerous styling features
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel (.xlsx & .xls)


Create outstanding presentations with rich content. Use our easy-to-use drawing and diagramming tools to add style and sophistication to your slideshow. Manage and deliver presentation with Slide Show Mode to control how slides are presented.

  • Versatile creation and editing features
  • Create presentation with media-rich content
  • Incorporate objects and scenes in 2D and 3D
  • Support multiple monitors with Presenter Console
  • Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx & .ppt)


Nitro Office’ Draw provides all means for you to produce anything ranging from a quick sketch to technical drawings, flowcharts or even a complex floor plan.

  • Maximum page size of 300 x 300cm
  • Design flowcharts, & network diagrams
  • Calculate and display liner dimensions
  • Define connectors for precise positioning
  • Import images & create photo galleries

PDF Editor

Nitro Reader 3 Free

A PDF reader and editor that is sufficient for basic PDF documents with little to no formatting or advanced layouts.

Desktop Database

A full-featured desktop database front end providing native-support drivers for some of the most widely employed multi-user database engines.

Nitro Reader For Mac Free

Math Formula

Use the neat equation and formula editor to construct perfectly formatted mathematical and scientific equations and formulas.


Pdf Nitro Reader Free Download

Nitro Reader allows viewing, protecting and converting PDFs
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Nitro Reader allows viewing PDF documents. Besides, it supports other basic operations, like converting, protecting and commenting this type of files. The application is very easy to use, mostly because its interface resembles those of Microsoft Office products. In this regard, it has the typical layout made of a ribbon with tabs that appear according to the context. Besides, some navigation panes can come out to perform specific actions. It is also very convenient that the tool uses tabs to display various documents in the same window at the same time.

Besides its main feature of allowing to read PDFs, the application lets you create new documents from scratch as well as from other existing files. Luckily, documents created with such popular suites as Microsoft Office and Corel as well as plain text files and various image formats are supported. Moreover, if you want to open a much wider list of more than 200 other formats, you should pay for the Pro version. When creating a new document from other files, three quality settings are available: Web-ready, Office-ready and Print-ready, with different definitions and sizes.

Fortunately, it supports converting not only from other formats to PDF but also converting a PDF to text and extracting images as separate files. Unfortunately, you cannot decide on what output picture format to use, as JPG is the only extension supported. Another way to extract contents is using the Select tool to grab a given text segment or take a snapshot of a specific area of the visible page.


The application also supports reviewing a PDF by adding text, comments and notes as well as marking up specific text segments. Furthermore, you can protect the contents of a document by applying a set of restrictions. Finally, it is also possible to digitally sign your files.

In general, Nitro Reader has most of the features that are available from other similar tools. It provides the advantages of having a nice user interface and loading documents rather quick. Unfortunately, some features, such as converting a PDF to Word, are only available from the Pro version.


  • It is very easy to use
  • It has a nice interface
  • It allows converting various file types into PDF
  • It supports basic editing operations


Nitro reader for mac free download
  • When exporting to images, it doesn´t allow selecting an extension
  • Some features are only available from the Pro version