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Need Access On The Go? Access your Data & Scan your receipts in the field. Download our mobile app Free for all Neat software subscribers! Text 'Get Neat' to 267-367-NEAT (6328) to receive our mobile. Another best free scanner software for Mac is PDF Scanner that is a favorite one to many users. When it comes to scanning images and documents, you may want to end your hunt for scanning software here, given its cool-headed features that make your access easy on hand. A lot of users wonder if they can still use their Neat scanner without the software. The Neat Receipts scanner software and drivers are separate from Neat Receipts itself. As long as you have the scanner drivers installed on your machine, the Neat scanner will work with other programs, like FileCenter Receipts.

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Please note that the information provided on this page is related to products and/or services which are no longer supported and agent support is no longer available. This information is provided as a courtesy for users who may still need troubleshooting or FAQ information on end-of-life products.

Help! Neat can’t see my scanner!

If the Neat software doesn't see the scanner then:

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  1. Try plugging it into a new port.
  2. If that doesn’t work, Quit Neat and select the Finder icon from your Dock. The Finder has the blue smiling face icon. Open the Go menu and select the Go To Folder option.
  1. Open the Go menu and select the Go To Folder option.
  1. Copy and paste the following path in the Go To Folder window to open the directory: /Library/Image Capture/Devices
  1. Delete any items in here that begin with Neat.
  1. Browse to /Library/Application Support.
  2. Look for the Neat folder and delete it.
  3. Disconnect your Neat scanner.
  4. Reinstall Neat.Download the latest version of the Neat for Mac software. Once fully downloaded, double-click(or hold the CTRL key and click) on the dmg file in your Downloads folder to mount the installer as a disk image to your Desktop.
  1. Double-click on this disc image on the Desktop to open the Neat installer. Before installing Neat, double-click on the Uninstall Neat option in the bottom left corner. This application will guide your through removing the Neat software from your computer. Uninstalling Neat will not affect your existing Library.
  1. Once Neat is uninstalled, right click (or hold the CTRL key and click) on the Neat icon in your Dock. Select Options and Remove from Dock. This will remove the Neat icon from your Desktop, so that it may be re-installed successfully.
  1. Finally, double-click the Install Neat option from the Neat installer window. This application will guide you through installing the Neat software on to your computer once again. Once your Neat software is installed, re-connect your scanner to begin scanning.

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