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Slack is a must-have app for anyone working remotely with others. It is the best business chat app around. The Mac app is a chat window, so you can keep your conversations going without having to log into a web browser every time. Top 11 Best Free Apps For YouTubers: In this article, we are going to write about Best Free Apps For YouTubers. The list of YouTube creators increases day by day; some of them want to manage its youtube channel from its mobile. So for them, we have prepared a list of some leading apps so that they can operate their channel from mobile. 4 Apps Must Install On Your Mac for Development in 2020. 4 well-chosen apps for developers.

The new Mac App Store has arrived, and with it approximately 1,000 apps available to Mac desktop and laptop owners. Youtube to mp4 converter for mac online.

We've spent the day downloading and experimenting with various apps, some of which behave just like full-fledged, existing desktop software (such as StuffIt Expander and iPhoto), and others that function more like widgets and/or iPad apps (such as Twitter).

Those who are familiar with the iTunes and App Stores will have no trouble navigating the Mac App Store. Users can peruse featured and top-selling (and grossing apps) as well as browse by category and search. Many of the apps already available in the App Store have made their way into the Mac App Store. Purchases can be made using your existing iTunes account; apps are installed within minutes and automatically appear on your dock.


We were delighted to find that Apple made many of its best software products, such as iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages and Keynote, available for individual purchase in the Mac App Store; previously, one could only obtain and upgrade them by purchasing their respective software bundles. In addition, users can sync Mac App Store purchases across desktops, and all updates for these apps are delivered automatically through the Mac App Store.

However, many apps we hoped to see, such as iBooks (which does not yet have a desktop app), Facebook (not that we were expecting one), Pandora, iWeb, Campfire (not that we were expecting one for that, either), Instapaper and FaceTime, were missing. We hope they'll make their way into the store soon.

In the meantime, we've outlined our top 10 picks below. We've more or less skipped those that already had a desktop application available, unless the app version was significantly discounted.

Have additional apps to suggest? Please share them in the comments below.

I am looking for good Mac Apps. Here I share my 10 must-have apps with you and hope you tell me more apps I should try.

1.Google Chrome

I use a lot of Google services like Gmail and YouTube, using them in Google’s Chrome browser makes a lot of sense. They were both based on the WebKit rendering engine originally, but Google now has their own Blink variant now, and they’ve always had their own JavaScript engine, V8.

If a page isn’t working well, or isn’t stable enough in Safari, give Chrome a try.

Chrome [Free]


Keep notes, lists, photos and more all in one place, accessible with whatever device you have to hand. If you want a good note taking app that’s easy to use and available on several platforms, you want Evernote.

Evernote [Free]


Obviously, the Dropbox app for Mac is a must-have as it’s the only way to get native access to Dropbox on OS X. Dropbox is my filesystem, the safe place where I can keep all my important personal (photos) and work (documents) files without worrying about sync or backups.

Must have apps for mac youtube download

Dropbox [Free]

4.NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus

No one will doubt that NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus is a must-have app for iTunes movie lovers. It removes the DRM protection from your iTunes purchased movies and rental movies so you can play the movies freely on any devices like normal MP4 video files. What’s more, it helps you keep the rentals forever .

NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus [$44.95]


From list support to push notification to everything in between, Tweetbot is the most feature rich and complete Twitter experience available for Mac. The official Twitter app for Mac has gotten better recently but still lacks the feature set and control that only Tweetbot can offer. If you want the best Twitter experience available for Mac, Tweetbot is a must.

Tweetbot [$19.99]


Must Have Mac Apps 2020

Everyone with logins should have a good password manager, which means they should have 1Password. 1Password for Mac can autofill passwords, forms, and everything in between so you don’t have to remember a password ever again.

1Password [$49.99]


Many people don’t realise that you can do very basic image editing (cropping, rotating, color tweaks etc) in the Preview app that comes with OS X. If your needs are greater than that but not advanced enough to shell out for Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator is a perfect choice. It offers fine tuned control over common adjustments such as exposure, noise, white balance, and more. You can even edit objects out of photos and use many of the featured you’d find in Photoshop but for a fraction of the price.

Pixelmator [$29.99]


If you write a lot, this app could save you a serious amount of time. TextExpander allows you to set up keyboard shortcuts for words and phrases that you commonly type. It may seem expensive, but it saves us valuable time, all the time.

TextExpander [$34.99]


Fantastical is a calendar app for Mac that’s more convenient than the default Calendar app. It supports natural language input and sits right in your menu bar until you need it. Just click on it and get a quick view of your month and a list view of each day that integrates not only your calendar events, but your reminders as well.

Fantastical [$19.99]


Must Have Apps For Mac Youtube Free

Airmail supports Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo, POP3, IMAP and more account types; attachments from Dropbox and Google Drive and plenty of presentation and customization options. If Mail doesn’t suit you, check this out.

Youtube App For Mac

Airmail [$1.99]

Best Apps For Mac

Everyone uses their Macs differently, so everyone has different must-have apps. Will you share yours with us?

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