Midisoft Recording Session


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Click on Midisoft-Session4-Install.htm, and read and inwardly digest. Then, when you think you know what you're doing, click on the self-extracting Session4-SETUP.EXE, and away you go (after selecting either the 16-bit or the 32-bit version, for Windows 3.1 or 95 et al respectively). Midisoft Studio allows you to compose musical scores and song lists. It can create scores with as many tracks as the system's resources can handle and features score view, piano roll, studio panel, mixer view, and MIDI list view.

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February 1, 2014 1:02 am20 Comments

I remember getting my Midisoft3 in two floppy disks back in 1991. Midisoft Session/Midisoft Studio was a notation-based sequencer package that was hugely popular in the 90’s.

It worked fine in Windows 3.1 and when Midisoft4 came out, I upgraded the software and it worked in Windows XP as well. (I needed to run it in compatibility mode, however.)

When my XP machine finally died few years ago, I had to get a new PC with Windows 7 pre-installed and Windows 7 being 64bit, I was no longer able to run Midisoft4. By this time, the company behind Midisoft had long gone belly up.

I’ve searched all over the internet but I simply couldn’t find any software as good as Midisoft. Anyone who has ever used the software would know how good this program was.

Just doing a brief search on the internet, you can find countless people lamenting that they can no longer use Midisoft and how they can’t seem to find anything that even comes close to Midisoft.


Even though using musical notation to compose music is still the most elegant way to create music in my opinion, it has become a rather obscure art. It seems that vast majority of young musicians are focused on mixing in special sound effects and electro beats, and the delicate art of editing notation or sheet music reading seems to have been forgotten.

Not surprisingly, almost all modern software reflects the trend and none seems to offer workable notation editing anymore.

I’ve tried no less than half dozen software, free & premium. Ableton, Anvil, Aria, FL, Cakewalk, etc. (Notation Composer from Notation Software came pretty close to the real thing. However Notation Composer simply wasn’t as versatile or powerful as Midisoft.)

Some simply did not have enough functions while others were too complicated/bloated.

Recently, I had to create a background music for one of my projects (the video needed to be uploaded to youtube and due to copyright issue, I had to create my own music) and trying to work with software (they were more of a mixed rather than an editor) was just so much pain.

After finishing the project, I began to wonder, ‘What the hell happened to Midisoft anyway?’

It turns out that after Midisoft went belly up, (Studio v6 was the last version before the company went out of business) the software was resurrected briefly by a company called RecordLab.

Unfortunately, this company also went belly up. However, the software was subsequently picked up by Lugert Verlag, a German company, and the software was renamed Forte 4.

I’ve found out that Forte 4 is available in four different versions, from Free to Premium. I’ve just installed Forte 4 and YES!!

Midisoft has been resurrected!!!!!!

After many frustrating years, my search for Midisoft is finally over.

Midisoft Worship

I hope this post helps others who are still looking for that holy grail called Midisoft.

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Midisoft Musicmagic

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