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. Access your files using Finder in Mac OS, OneDrive online or in the mobile app. Access files offline on your smartphone, Mac, or tablet. Save local space on your Mac with Files On-Demand. File sharing. Share docs, photos, videos, and albums with friends and family. Work in the same document with others in real time with. OneNote for Windows 10 Where are the clips stored, which file extension? Can I find them? Is there a way to change the file location? I believe, within 2016, one could change the location(?), but with Office 365? Microsoft 365 Family and Personal include OneNote. The naming of OneNote within these suits, are they same?



This article details best practices for moving and syncing OneNote notebooks, as well as issues that may arise if notebooks are moved or synced in ways that are not recommended. In general, OneNote notebooks should always be synced and moved by the OneNote application, and not by file based synchronization systems such as a client application (such as the OneDrive or DropBox local client) or offline folders. Reasons for moving and syncing notebooks via OneNote include:

  • Web Apps and Mobile Sync - The built-in sharing functionality correctly sets up the notebook on the server so that OneNote Web App will be able to open it. Also, the mobile versions of OneNote (Windows Phone, iOS, Android) can only open notebooks that are shared through this mechanism.

  • Offline edits - OneNote creates a local copy of the notebook for offline editing in the Local Settings folder, and merges the changes to the cloud when a connection is re-established. Good hex editor for mac. Unlike other file synchronization methods however, OneNote is able to merge the changes without creating conflicts within the notebook.

  • Efficient syncing - OneNote has built-in sync logic with OneDrive allowing it to synchronize only the changes, which is significantly more efficient than file synchronization mechanisms like the OneDrive Desktop app or DropBox as it knows about the file format and can sync only the changes.

Move local notebooks to a cloud location (Recommended Method)
If you have a notebook stored locally on your computer that you wish to move to the cloud, go to File > Share in OneNote and pick a web location such as OneDrive, and then click Move Notebook.
OneNote will upload the notebook to OneDrive and set up direct sync.
When the notebook has been successfully moved, the following message will appear:
After the notebook has been moved, the local notebook in the previous location is no longer connected or synchronized and should be deleted. You may use the OneDrive client application to move and synchronize other files, and OneNote will handle the syncing of notebooks within OneDrive automatically.
Not Recommended
Do not use Windows Explorer to move folders containing .one files to OneDrive. If notebooks are moved to the local OneNote client folder in this manner, when they are opened in OneNote 2013 you will receive the error 'This notebook may not sync correctly because another program is syncing these files. Click here to re-open this notebook from the correct location.'
Clicking on this error message in OneNote 2013 will allow OneNote to move the notebook to OneDrive and establish a sync relationship. As a part of this process, OneNote will delete the original folder and all .one/.onetoc2 files and replace them with an internet shortcut file. This behavior is by design, as all OneNote notebooks are represented as internet shortcuts within the OneDrive client application so that the OneDrive client allows OneNote to perform the syncing of the file. However, no data is lost during this process.
However, previous versions of OneNote were created prior to the existence of the OneDrive client application. As such, no error messages are surfaced in this scenario and the user can potentially encounter the issues described above when OneNote is not responsible for syncing content. Users with older versions of OneNote should follow the steps in the Recommended section to move notebooks into OneDrive to resolve this problem.

  • OneNote is a Microsoft Office app similar to Evernote or Dropbox Paper, for taking notes and storing information.
  • OneNote lets you create notebooks for different topics, with each notebook featuring any number of sections and unlimited pages.
  • Within a OneNote notebook, you can take notes, type or write with a stylus, add drawings and photos, store links, and more.
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Microsoft OneNote is an app that is designed for research, note-taking, and information storage. Similar to apps like Evernote and Dropbox Paper, it lets you store text and images in free-form documents which you can keep private or share with others. OneNote is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite, along with programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

How OneNote organizes your material

StorageMicrosoft Onenote For Mac Local Storage

OneNote uses the metaphor of a notebook, complete with books, sections, and pages. Your copy of OneNote can have multiple notebooks, each dedicated to a different topic. You might have a notebook for work and one for personal information, for example, or you might create a handful of different notebooks for each major project.

Onenote© Dave Johnson/Business Insider OneNote uses notebooks, sections, and pages to organize your notes. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Within the notebook, you can create sections to organize your notes even further. If you work in sales, for example, you could create a different section for each client. Finally, within any section, you can have an unlimited number of pages, making it easy to track information over long periods.

What you can do in OneNote


Once you set up a notebook and create a section, you are faced with a blank page. Like any word processor, you can start typing. As you do, OneNote will offer Word-like tools in the ribbon atop the screen: font selection, text style, bullets and numbering, highlighting, and more. You can also create tables to organize your notes and insert images, photos, audio, and video. The app also grants users the ability to create links or paste in URLs from web browsers.

© Dave Johnson/Business Insider Entering information in OneNote is very much like using a word processor. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

If you are using OneNote on a tablet or a computer with a stylus, you can also draw, sketch, and write notes longhand.

Sharing notes from OneNote

OneNote is a versatile tool that you can use privately, or share with others - and with yourself on different devices.

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If you store your OneNote notebooks in the cloud on OneDrive, you can open OneNote on any device connected to your Microsoft Office account. Whether that's a phone, tablet, PC, or laptop, you'll always be in sync with all your notes across devices.

Microsoft Onenote For Mac Local Storage Containers

© Dave Johnson/Business Insider Sharing with others is easy. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

You can share entire notebooks with other people using the Share button in the ribbon, though know you're sharing the whole notebook, not only a section or a page.

A feature called Replay lets you create a page of notes and then play it back like an animation. This is a tool you can use in the classroom or for delivering a presentation.

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