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Outlook for Mac – Not Outlook for iOS. Many professionals have rated Outlook as the best email. Gmail’s web-based interface works fine for most people, who can use any computing device to access their webmail. When it comes to using Gmail at home or on a Mac laptop, you may prefer to use Apple’s Mail application. Using a single application, Mail, you keep all your email messages organized in one app. Apps for your new Mac: Best email clients. By Shane Cole 7. For those who live and die with Gmail's web interface but want a more deeply integrated OS X experience than a web browser can. Quick actions that feel like email wizardry. Get to Inbox Zero using Postbox's incredible Quick Bar. It's like Spotlight on the Mac but built for everyday email actions. Move or copy messages, switch folders, tag or label messages, or navigate across folders by typing a few keystrokes. Move mountains of messages. In MacOS, clicking an email or “mailto” link in whatever browser you’re using automatically opens Apple Mail, the default email application. Stack Exchange user Randy Marsh suggests a quick.

People in the corporate world know the importance of email communication. No matter how many new communication platforms have evolved. People still consider emails as the most authentic way of communicating with others in the corporate world. However, as everything is getting developed, the workload is also increasing. Ultimately the communication frequency has also increased, and managing emails have become quite hard. But if you have some best email apps for Mac, then it will become easier for you to manage emails.

Currently, there are several email apps, or we can say clients available in the market. Hence, selecting the best for your business can be a tough task. In this write-up, we have tried to solve your problem of choice. Here we have mentioned some best email client for Mac. So, let’s not waste further time and have a look at the list.

7 Best Email Apps for Mac

Below is a list of some of the best email apps for Mac in 2020. You can use these email clients to maintain an efficiency of communication in your operations.

1. Gmail

Gmail is the most commonly used email client. It is the best email client for Mac, Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS. Gmail is used by such a majority that it became a synonym for email, and that’s why some people even search for the best Gmail client for Mac. It is one of the leading email service in the world and holds a dominant market share as well. The reason behind the popularity of Gmail is its simple user interface. Just like many other Google utilities, Gmail also offers its most of the services for free. However, if you want to want to create an official communication network on Gmail, then you can do it through its paid Gsuite. This one of the best mail client for Mac automatically filters the messages and emails of your inbox into various categories, including Promotions, Social, etc. Gmail also provides you with a cloud storage of around 15 GB for free. You can have Google Hangout conversations with your colleagues and friends through the web version of Gmail. It recently added a virtual meeting feature as well in its Gsuite for the remote workforce.

2. Microsoft Outlook

Another famous name on our list is Microsoft Outlook. If you are looking for a paid solution for your corporate communications, then Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email apps for Mac. It is the best that a business can get. You can get this email client along with the complete Microsoft office suite. We highly recommend this best mail app for Mac to those who want calendar integration with the email service. Outlook is integrated with Microsoft Office. Hence, you can use it directly from various Microsoft Office applications. However, if you are an individual and just want to use an email client for some casual use, then we advise you to avoid using Microsoft Outlook and look for some free options as Gmail.

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3. eM Client

eM Client is one of the feature-rich email clients for Mac in 2020. It can even be used on the Windows operating system as well. eM client is also compatible with other important email services such as iCloud,,, etc. Just like Gmail, eM Client offers chat feature as well. However, it does not offer many features in its free version, unlike Gmail. Apart from this, eM Client offers many advanced and useful features in its paid version. The best email client for Mac and Windows enables you to transfer your emails and messages from other email clients. That’s why people usually prefer eM Client who wants to switch from a particular email client to another.

Mac Email Client For App And Browser

4. Thunderbird

Thunderbird is the first open-source email app on our list. The designers and developers of this email app are none other than Mozilla, which also develops one of the finest web browsers, i.e., Firefox. If you want to use a free email app and do not prefer Gmail, then for you, Thunderbird is the best email app for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Unlike Gmail, you don’t have to pay a single penny to use any of Thunderbird’s features as the email app is entirely free. This one of the best email apps for Mac and various other platforms can also be customized as per the preferences of the users. Hence, we highly recommend Thunderbird to those who like to have full control over their apps.

5. Mailbird

Here comes an email client with high compatibility. You can use Mailbird along with various other popular apps such as Dropbox, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Doc, Twitter, etc. Mailbird comes with an integration with so many prominent apps. This best email client for Mac also provides several in-built apps like Gmail does. However, you’ll find a huge disadvantage in Mailbird when you compare it with Gmail. We all know that Gmail is exceptional when it comes to categorizing different emails, but this feature seems quite missing in Mailbird. Apart from that, it is quite a decent email client for those who want a multipurpose email client. This best email app for Mac can also help you to carry out multiple tasks at the same time.

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6. Yandex Mail

Are you looking for a free, customizing, and secure email service app? If yes, then you might find Yandex Mail as the best email apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Despite being a free email app, Yandex Mail offers quite amazing and vast features. This email app can automatically identify the emails and messages from a real person, and hence it categorizes your email inbox accordingly. Yandex also allows you to set a sending time for your email. Just like many other famous email apps on this list, Yandex offers a cloud storage as well. It offers around 10 GB online cloud storage to its users for free.

7. Spike Email

The name of this email client seems like the name of some messaging app. And yes, you guessed it right, it indeed serves you just like a messaging app. The specialty of this email client is that it can convert your email inbox into a chat inbox. The user interface of Spike Email is quite similar to WhatsApp. Along with this, just like many other traditional email clients, Spike Email also offers a calendar. This best email client for Mac is suitable for both personal and professional uses. That’s why it comes in both paid and free versions. If you want to use it professionally and want the email address along with your particular domain name, then you must have to purchase its paid version.


So, these are some of our handpicked email clients for mac in 2020. These best email apps for Mac can help you a lot in your official communications. Apart from communication, the above-mentioned apps provide various other features as well. Some of the provides you with feasibility to make changes in your traditional email inbox, while others provide advanced features such as email scheduling. We hope that the above-mentioned descriptions of some best email client for Mac helped you to evaluate the best among them.

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Having an email client installed on your Mac can make a huge difference for your productivity. After all, your web browser is a portal to distraction, and any time you boot up Chrome or Safari to check on your inbox you’re in danger of losing at least 10–15 minutes to reading the news, browsing Facebook, or going down a “wiki-spiral.”

That said, not every email client is built the same. While macOS comes with the Apple Mail app by default, it might not necessarily be the best fit for your needs.

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Best Email Apps For Mac 2021

So what’s the best email app for Mac then? Depends on what you do. You might be a power user, comfortable with running macros to make the most out of your email experience, or you might just want something that works out of the box without having to fuss with settings. Security could be your top priority if you work with sensitive materials, or you might just need to easily manage multiple accounts.

Web browser client

Whatever the case, there are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating all email clients: How fast is the setup process? How easy is it to use? Is it secure? What are the sorting options for your inbox? Is it nice to look at?

Let’s sift through some top email apps using this questioning framework.

Apple Mail: Best email client for Mac by default

What makes Apple products great is also what limits them: because Apple needs to make apps that are so easy to use that anyone can use them, much of what they produce is quite basic in functionality. Which is fine — just make sure you know what you’re getting with the Apple Mail app.

You definitely get a clean, user-friendly design that’s in line with all the other Apple software. In addition, you get outstanding integration with macOS and iOS, including the use of the Notification Center and the ability to send emails via the Share function in other apps.

Although adding multiple email providers, including iCloud and Gmail, is easy — there have been some bug reports around using Microsoft accounts, such as Hotmail or Live. Maybe the old Apple and Microsoft feud is not over yet?

In step with the times, Apple Mail app makes it effortless to add emoji to your emails from the shortcut bar right in the composing email window.

Honestly, for most people, the Apple Mail app will absolutely be enough. However, if you’re the kind of person who has a lot going on in their inbox, there are not too many ways to filter through all the messages quickly and pin down important conversations, or simply delete unwanted mail.

What’s great:

  • Clean design

  • Easy-to-use Mac mail

  • Fantastic Mac and iOS integration

Not so great:

  • A history of bugs with Microsoft accounts

  • Video editor for windows and mac. Lacking high-powered organizational tools

Mozilla Thunderbird: Best free email client for Mac power users

Perhaps most widely known for their web browser, Firefox, Mozilla’s other major product is their email client, Thunderbird. Hailed as the best free email app on the market at various points throughout its long history, where does Thunderbird stand in 2021?

Unfortunately, Thunderbird’s design shows its age. Blocky and utilitarian, it’s quite a bit uglier than most modern email clients. But look below the surface and you’ll discover some very handy features.

For one, you have the option of tagging emails as they come in. Just add tags like Personal, Work, and ToDo and suddenly conversations become much easier to find later on. Even better, create your own tags to make the classification system as specific as you need it to be.

Thunderbird features an integrated calendar and chat client, both of which are indispensable for work, and boasts great privacy features — like not automatically displaying images (hence stopping pixel trackers) when you open emails (can be changed in Preferences).

Overall, Thunderbird has some powerful value propositions but is also a bit ugly and unintuitive. So, if the looks don’t bother you, give it a try. Otherwise, you’re better off using another option.

What’s great:

  • Tagging is powerful and helps you organize your emails quickly

  • Precise search

Not so great:

  • Not the prettiest interface

  • Unintuitive user experience. It takes time to figure out Thunderbird’s best features.

Kiwi for Gmail: Best Gmail app for Mac

If you don’t use Gmail, you can skip this one: Kiwi isn’t for you.

But for all other Gmail for Mac users, Kiwi for Gmail is an excellent Mac mail option. A desktop app with the look and feel of your browser email inbox, Kiwi features the ability to combine multiple accounts and filter your inbox with Focus to organize correspondence by date, importance, attachments, and more.

Email Apps For Pc

In many ways, Kiwi is Gmail’s missing ingredient, making the best free email provider online also the premier Gmail app for Mac. What’s even more exciting is that Kiwi lets you run G Suite apps like Google Docs and Sheets outside of your browser. Being able to leave Chrome or Safari behind and get some focused work done alone makes Kiwi worth the install.

What’s great:

  • Kiwi makes Gmail better
  • Combine multiple Gmail accounts
  • Focused work outside the browser with Google Docs

Not so great:

  • Doesn’t support non-Gmail accounts

Spark: Best Mac email client for a clean inbox

A relatively new email client for Mac, Spark is based on an intriguing premise: What if your inbox was able to sort itself out based on your priorities but without your input?

Mac Email Client For App And Browser Settings

Spark’s Smart Inbox algorithms are able to instantly identify whether an email is personal, work-related, or just a newsletter you signed up for years ago because it gave you a coupon but have since completely forgotten about. This kind of artificial intelligence works so well that Apple gave Spark an Editor’s Choice Award a few years ago.

App And Browser Settings

In its quest for widespread adoption, Spark doubles down on usability, offering quick, one-click replies with generated text based on how you typically respond to emails and powerful automatic functions to clean up your inbox in seconds. Besides, the app is beautifully designed and very easy to use.

Of course, for Spark to have all of these powerful features, complete access to the content of your emails is required — which might raise some privacy-minded eyebrows. However, a lot of people would be happy to offer that in return for ease of use. So, if this notion doesn’t bother you, Spark might well be the best free email app for Mac.

What’s great:

  • Clean design
  • Smart Inbox organizes your unread emails
  • Could be the most professional email client for Mac

  • The only non-Apple email client with the Apple seal of approval

  • “Send later” feature lets you schedule emails

  • Frequent updates

Not so great:

  • Requires more of your data than other email clients

Canary Mail: Best security in an email client for Mac

New to the Mac email client game, Canary Mail’s outstanding list of features still makes it a worthy contender.

Canary Mail prioritizes security and privacy, providing every email you send with end-to-end encryption, so that if your data is ever intercepted it can’t be read. Even better, you don’t have to change any settings to do this — everything is set up right out of the box.

Mail App Mac Free

Add to that a fantastic design and some excellent filtering options, such as natural language search, smart tags, algorithmic bulk cleaner, and intelligent typography enhancements, and Canary Mail might well be the best email app for Mac, period.

What’s great:

  • Great design
  • Smart filters
  • Intelligent typography
  • Automatic end-to-end encryption
  • Available to all email providers
  • Algorithmic bulk cleaner

Unibox: Most innovative email client for Mac

The most exciting thing about Unibox is how it fundamentally changes the way you see your inbox. Instead of organizing everything by date received or subject, Unibox structures every conversation around contacts. That way your inbox resembles your text messages or messaging app, making everything intuitive and easy to navigate.

Mac Email Client For App And Browser Chrome

The developers of Unibox worked hard on making their email client for Mac the easiest to use on the market — and it shows. The design is stunning and you can easily respond to any email in the same window, get previews of attachments right there, and just scroll to remind yourself of all the conversations you’ve had with that person.

What’s great:

  • Email like messages
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use design
  • Works with all major email providers

Best of all, Canary Mail and Unibox are both available for a free seven-day trial through Setapp, a subscription platform with over 200 top Mac apps chosen to make your day more productive and fun. Now can’t you wait to go back to emails already?

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Meantime, prepare for all the awesome things you can do with Setapp.

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