Mac App To Reduce Size Of Jpg Attachments

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And it size is 320. 320px. Now you reduce it to any size you like. Hit Home and then under Image, choose Resize. You can also use the Paint shortcut Ctrl + W to open resize function. In Resize option, you can reset the Photos image size. There are two ways you can do to reduce the image size: Percentage and Pixels. I'm sure I used to be offered to resize photos but I can't see this now on the gmail app on android phone or via the web on mac. Instead I created a collage of the 4 photos I wanted to send. The file size of the collage was a fraction of even just one of the original photos!

Why use Optimage?

Improve your website performance

If you build websites, it is important to make all image assets, photographs and other media as small as possible because most users, especially on mobile, will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load or contains low-quality images, and because page speed improves SEO ranking for both mobile and desktop searches.

Reduce app size


Following Apple’s HIG guidelines and Google’s Android guides, automatically optimize image assets including app icons and iMessage stickers to save storage space, reduce mobile data usage and improve app performance for your users.

Mac App To Reduce Size Of Jpg AttachmentsMac App To Reduce Size Of Jpg Attachments

Compress PDF documents

Reduce the size of your scanned PDF documents with max resolution 150dpi which is perfect for sharing on the web and via email.

Optimize vector graphics

Minimize bloated SVG or PDF images produced in tools like Illustrator, Photoshop or Sketch for your website or app.

Efficient sharing

Optimize your images for social media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to prevent personal data collection, upload faster and preserve image quality.

Reduce file attachments


Reduce the size of your images and documents because there are often strict file size limits for email and form attachments, and nobody wants to receive huge files.

Protect your privacy

Reduce Size Of Jpg Free

Securely remove any hidden sensitive information from photographs and documents without relying on third-party services that may collect your data. Cgs 8 hot air.