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Produktlink:- KitchenAid Artisan Wasserkessel, 1,5 l, cremefarbenKitchenAid Artisan Wasserkessel, 1,5 l, c. LUNGO is the best line for coffee purists. Obtained by five selected components of 100% Arabica species of coffee from Central & South America and East Africa. It's intense toasted aroma is accompanied by a combination of slightly fruity flavors in which you can perceive gentle notes of Myrt.

  1. dark roast
    20 Capsules
  2. medium roast
    10 Capsules

The three Gourmesso lungo varieties, Italico Forte, Arabica Forte and Latino Mezzo, are compatible with all OriginalLine Nespresso®* machines. For only 20 Halala per capsule, you will enjoy fantastic flavor and high quality espresso while also saving 30% compared to our competitors. Our lungo boxes come with 10 capsules inside of each, and you pay only 20.95 SAR for one box! These alternative to Nespresso®* lungos are made with precision and care to bring you that enjoyable lungo coffee experience you're looking for. Try our Gourmesso Lungo varieties today!

Gourmesso capsules for Nespresso®* machines do NOT fit in VertuoLine machines.

What is a Lungo?


Free full mp3 music downloads for mobile phones. A Lungo coffee is simply an extended version of an espresso shot, and is prepared using very similar methods. 'Lungo' is the Italian word for 'long' and is fitting because a lungo shot uses twice the amount of water as an espresso, but the same amount of ground coffee. The higher water amount leads to even more exhilarating aromas released during the brewing process because particles in the ground coffee that would otherwise not be extracted are.

Our Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsules are filled with top quality coffee using only the finest Arabica and Robusta beans. We source our coffee from cultivation regions near the equator in South America, India and Africa. The beans are specially selected, roasted and packed for optimal enjoyment in every cup. Our compatible Nespresso®* lungo capsules are delicious on their own but we also have a collection of recipes inspired by our coffee varieties.

An Alternative to Nespresso®* Lungo

The most popular lungo capsules From Nespresso®* are the Fortisso Lungo, Vivalto Lungo, and Linizio Lungo. Our alternative to Nespresso®* lungo capsules are similar in intensity and flavor, but are 30% more affordable. We offer three different lungo capsules, the Lungo Latino Mezzo, the Lungo Arabica Forte and the Lungo Italico Forte. These blends are made up of premium coffee beans From finely sourced Arabicas From Mexico, Peru, and Central America.

The finely ground espresso is precisely measured to deliver you the perfect lungo pull. The larger amount of water that goes through our compatible Nespresso®* lungos create a more mild beverage, but one that is slightly more bitter. It's best to drink a lungo as a regular shot, rather than using it as a base for a milk drink such as a latte or cappuccino. However, if you prefer a more mild coffee drink, then a lungo coffee is your best choice.

Lungo Coffee vs. an Americano Coffee

Though it might be assumed that a Lungo is the same as an Americano coffee, they are significantly different. An Americano is an espresso that has hot water added to it to reduce the intensity of the flavor. This drink became popular during WWI when American soldiers asked the Italians to add some hot water to their espresso's because they thought the flavor was too intense.

The Americano coffee has a different flavor because of the fact that the hot water is added to an already brewed espresso, therefore just weakening the intensity. A lungo on the other hand has more water run through it so the flavor develops differently. This longer water exposure brings different particles of the ground coffee into the drink and tends to make it slightly more bitter than a regular espresso.


Lungo 1 6 0 5 20

Alternative to Nespresso®* Flavors

Coffee doesn't always have to be the same. Introduce a little variety into your routine and discover our unique coffee flavors. Choose From calming vanilla, delectable chocolate and smooth caramel coffee. We've also gone back to our European roots and mixed up a hazelnut espresso! Maybe mix things up even more by creating an iced espresso specialty drink! We have our standard three flavored espressos with chocolate, vanilla, and caramel, which offer an alternative to the Nespresso®* flavors. We are always working to expand the alternative variations we are offering, and are currently serving our unique and brilliant hazelnut espresso! We all know - hot or cold - flavored coffee is always a great treat.

Lungo 1 6 0 5 Equals

Chocolate Espresso

This coffee capsule flavor is one of the most popular in the world, at no surprise. Chocolate, after coffee, is one of the most well-recognized flavors and products found in the world. It's true that almost no matter what culture or continent you visit, you will find hints of chocolate intertwined with the cuisine somewhere. In certain counties the cocoa bean that produces chocolate is even used as a savory addition, rather than a sweet one.

We've brought these two wonderful palate experiences together with our Soffio Cioccolato chocolate espresso. This is one of our alternative Nespresso®* flavors that is sure to be loved. The dark roasted beans From South America have lingering chocolate notes that are reminiscent of a square of dark chocolate. And the aroma is just as sensational. If you're a chocolate-lover, then this espresso is definitely for you. Try it with a dash of foamed milk and cocoa powder for the perfect cappuccino, or go straight for the chocolate syrup and make an unforgettable mocha.

Caramel Espresso

Another one of the most popular flavored coffee capsules out there, a caramel espresso delights an assortment of palates. If you're a drinker of the infamous caramel macchiato, then you'll love our Soffio Caramello. This Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsule is a caramel espresso that has hints of warm, toasted sugars. The distinctive caramel aroma develops From the blending of our finely ground Arabica and Robusta beans that have been slow roasted. If you're a fan of the Nespresso®* variations and their caramel flavor, then you're sure to enjoy our similar caramel espresso.

Vanilla Espresso

Chocolate may not always be for everyone, and for those who prefer there is always the option of a vanilla espresso! With a warm blend of toasted vanilla beans, our Nespresso®* compatible capsules, the Soffio Vaniglia, is a brilliant combination of mild South American Arabicas and Asian Robusta beans. The mild vanilla flavor that this espresso has makes it perfect for creating those warm Fall drinks like a pumpkin-spiced latte. You can also try this coffee capsule to make a vanilla spiced-chia latte that is guaranteed to wow everyone! These alternative to Nespresso®* flavors can be used in a number of specialty drinks, and themselves bring that extra touch, instead of you having to find it From some other ingredient.

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Lungo is a framework for developing cross-platform applications in HTML5. Lungo applications are run in the browser, similar to other HTML-based frameworks such as jQuery Mobile. Lungo provides 2 main workflows:

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Prototyping in Lungo

Lungo provides a rich set of classes to help decorate basic HTML5 markup. The markup is then given behaviour and interaction based on the structure by Lungo, without any developer code being required. Lungo's philosophy is that you should be able to create a prototype of your application to show basic interaction and page flow without having to write any JS yourself.

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Application Development in Lungo

Lungo 1 6 0 5 Inches

Lungo also provides a JS API to interact and enhance the prototype. The Lungo API is similar to the common functionality you'd see in other mobile frameworks, such as DOM manipulation (through Quo.js), page routing and navigation, storage etc.

Lungo 1 6 0 5


The application uses as much of the provided Lungo framework as possible. There are areas where we need to pull in some other libraries to ease the development process (similar to something you'd do in a real application). These application dependencies are:

  • Knockout as a MVVM framework.
  • Require.js as an AMD implementation.
  • PhoneGap as a native application wrapper.
  • Maven as a build tool.

To view the code and detailed build steps, see the github source.