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Driver for IBM Infoprint 1552 I updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7, 64-bit laptop and now my older IBM Infoprint 1552 says it 'Unavailable' for printer. Where can I get a driver for this printer to work with Windows 10. Support of the AFP Print Driver for Windows is provided by Ricoh. IBM i Global Support Center may provide assistance and/or documentation regarding the usage of the driver in creating AFP resources for use on the IBM i or faxing PC documents. Any installation or usage questions outside of these topics should be directed to Ricoh support.


IBM is adding new models to its Infoprint® 1332 printer line. The new L models achieve a lowerprice point than the other 1332 printer models by shipping to the customer with a lower capacity(5,000-print) toner cartridge.

The Infoprint 1332 is a 35 page per minute (PPM)1 monochrome laser printer. This printer is idealfor small and medium workgroups because of its speed, scalable input and output capacity,durability, and highly reliable printing. The IBM Infoprint 1332 is small enough to fit on adesktop, but can also be adapted to floor-standing units with optional input options that can enableinput capacities up to 3,850 sheets. The printer also offers a wide range of output options,including stapling capabilities, which can expand the printer's output capacity up to 2,750 sheets.

The printer supports a robust line of networking options, which includes Fast Ethernet, Token-Ring,Twinax, and Coax. All models have a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port standard for local connections,and optional parallel and serial connections are available. The base models additionally come withparallel standard. In terms of datastreams, the capability to integrate PCL 6 and PostScript 3emulation, Page Printer Data Stream (PPDS), and PDF V1.2 and PDF V1.3 come standard; IntelligentPrinter Data Stream™ (IPDS™) is optional.

Printronix has the complete range of products, spare parts, supplies and services to support the needs of customers and business partners using IBM / InfoPrint line matrix products. Printronix continues to invest in this technology providing new products and services to expand the value of line matrix printing technology to the InfoPrint customer and partner base. Below you can find our comparison chart that illustrates legacy IBM / InfoPrint printers with equivalent upgraded Printronix models.

Download the chart by clicking here.

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Ibm 1352 Print Drivers

Frequenty Asked Questions

Question: Does Printronix offer equivalent models to replace the IBM/InfoPrint product line?

Ibm 1352 print driver epson

Answer: Yes, Printronix offers a direct match for each line matrix model previously offered by InfoPrint. In addition, there are models available that were not offered by InfoPrint. For instance, Printronix offers zero tear and high definition Postscript™ & PDF capable models for ease of compatibility within modern IT environments.

How to download toki tori 2 for free mac. Question: How do the specifications compare between InfoPrint and Printronix printers?

Answer: The specifications are identical. Printronix was the Original Equipment Manufacturer for InfoPrint printers. All aspects of size, speed, paper handling, power consumption and appearance are the same.

Question: How are the line matrix control panels different?

Answer: Even though the menu structures between the Printronix and InfoPrint panels differ, they each allow the user to configure the printer, view status & errors messages, and perform basic functions such as advancing forms and taking the printer off-line.

Question: How about system compatibility with Printronix printers?

Answer: Printronix printers are completely compatible as a direct replacement for the InfoPrint models. As Printronix was the OEM for the IBM/InfoPrint printers, both share the same system level firmware that is core in determining the printer’s behavior. The only exception was IPDS for the line printers in which IBM/InfoPrint developed their own version. Given the printers have different operator panels, menu structures and defaults, when replacing a legacy IBM/InfoPrint model with a Printronix model, the printer may require some adjustments to the default settings to match current application requirements. Adjustments can easily be performed at the time of installation and the Printronix CSC is always available to assist with any configuration questions.

Question: Will Printronix have IPDS for InfoPrint customers?

Answer: Yes, Printronix printers have long supported IPDS and will continue to do so. Since the InfoPrint and Printronix IPDS versions were constructed independently, there may be some initial compatibility gaps, but these should not be a concern. In the event that a difference is identified at a customer site, the Printronix CSC team will quickly escalate and correct the situation.

Ibm 1352 print driver epson

Question: Will I still be able to get consumables for my InfoPrint printers?

Answer: Yes, there is a line of Printronix branded consumables designed to work for InfoPrint products. In addition, it is expected that Ricoh will continue to supply InfoPrint branded consumables through many of their traditional channels.

1352Ibm 1352 Print Driver

Question: Will I still be able to buy consumables from my same source today?

Answer: Yes, InfoPrint branded supplies will remain available from the same sources you may already be dealing with today.

Question: How long will these consumables be available?

Answer: Protecting the users’ investment is critical to Printronix and we will continue to provide a robust supply of consumables for these products for years into the future. Printronix is still supplying ribbons for its first printers shipped in 1974!

Question: Who will handle existing service contracts?

Answer: Holders of InfoPrint service contracts will need to look to Ricoh or its successor for fulfillment of repair services under their current contracts.

Question: If I do not have a service contract can Printronix still repair my equipment?

Answer: Depending on the age of the equipment, Printronix may be able to offer repair services. Please contact your Printronix representative to learn more.

Question: Are service contracts available from Printronix for InfoPrint products?

Answer: Printronix offers a wide range of service contracts and repair services for InfoPrint printers that are not yet at End of Support. Please contact your Printronix representative to learn what support options are available.

Ibm 1352 Print Driver Software

Ibm 1352 Print Driver

Question: Can InfoPrint end users or business partners call Printronix for technical support?

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Answer: Yes, free technical support is available to all InfoPrint end users, or partners operating on their behalf, that are holding an active service contract directly with Printronix. For all others, technical support will be provided on a fee basis.