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The Gow-Mac Instrument Model 21-050 Mini Gas Leak Detector is a lightweight, hand-held instrument designed to easily and quickly pinpoint gas leaks. Like the full-sized GOW-MAC unit, it eliminates the risk of contaminating the column or system with liquids. GOW-MAC Detectors The Series 816 GC can handle virtually any application: petrochemical, semiconductor, food, flavor, solvent or industrial chemical. GOW-MAC has manufactured hundreds of thousands of detectors since the inception of gas chromatography, including award winning and patented detectors.

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The GOW-MAC® Series 400 Isothermal, Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) Gas Chromatograph is a rugged, compact, aff ordable, service-free GC designed for high capability performance while. R4cce tutorial. GOW-MAC Instrument Co. Headquarters/ Manufacturing Plant 277 Brodhead Road, Bethlehem, PA 18017 Tel: 610-954-9000 Fax: 610-954-0599 Email: [email protected]


You will be given mixture of unknown composition for this lab. It will contain several organic compounds with similar boiling points diluted in acetone. You need to (1) determine how many components there are in the mixture, (2) determine the percent composition for each compound, and (3) determine the relative polarities of the compounds.

There are two gas chromatographs available for this task, and your goal is to determine which works best. You will run the sample on both instruments and compare their performance. Specifically, one lab partner will use a Gow-Mac 150-series isothermal gas chromatography and the other will use a Gow-Mac 400-series. Both use thermal conductivity detectors (GC-TCD) and work on the same principles. They separate compounds by both boiling point and polarity, and produce a peak for each component wherein the peak area is proportional to the amount of that component present.

Gow Mac Gc Manual Pdf

Before coming to lab you should be familiar with the concepts presented in the following videos:

Gow Mac Gc Manual Online

Gow Mac Gc Manual

Gow Mac Gc Manual Download

Gow mac gc manual online
  • Gas chromatography
  • Gow-Mac GC-TCDs (optional - we will go over this material in lab)