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Browse the computer, locate the GIF, set the Scaling to “Axes Independently” and the GIF will be set as the background of your Mac desktop. If you have a multiple virtual desktops, only the current screen will be changed. You can place add GIFPaperAgent to your Mac login items to preserve your wallpaper preferences. Apple Wallpapers dating back to Mac OS The Graphic 1125×2436. Image Size: 1125×2436 px. / File Type: jpg. Original Size, OS X El Capitan Wallpaper k Mac OS Sierra Wallpapers k 5120×2880. Image Size: 5120×2880 px. / File Type: jpg. Original Size, Every macOS Mojave wallpaper for 5120×2880. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular 1366x768 Gif Wallpaper animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now.

Some last decades, others dont If you are wanting your wallpaper murals to last longer than a year, then there are a couple of things you need to check out when making your choices. The environment around where the wallpaper is hung affects its lifetime, as does the brand of inks and brand of paper that it is all printed on. To explain, the combination of a high grade substrate (or paper) and fade resistant inks will allow a predicted lifetime for your wallpaper murals of up to 100 years. A long product life is certainly a hot selling point, so if the seller is not promoting this as a benefit the wallpaper mural that you are about to buy may fade quicker than expected. This could be as short as a year or two. Manufacturers will give advice, usually on or about their sales pages, where and where not to install the wallpaper murals, however they cannot control this. This applies to both home and business uses. The biggest factors that work against the long term use of your wall displays is moisture and sunlight. This is the same for any digitally printed product, so be sure to double check the manufacturers specifications before making your purchase.

After installing wallpaper, you can get the best of it by keeping it well-maintained. Making sure that your wallpaper is taken care of helps in retaining its colors and lengthens its life. Taking care of your wallpaper, needless to say, entails cleaning it every once in a while. Most wallpaper manufacturers include instructions on how to clean wallpaper; they label their products as either 'washable' or 'scrubbable.' While most of todays wallpapers are made of coated vinyl --- which makes cleaning a tad easier --- some wallpapers still require meticulous cleaning measures to ensure optimum preservation of its fabrics. The cleaning process also varies, depending on whatever stains you have on your wallpaper. If you see any spot or stain, it is best that you clean them immediately before the stain settles deep into the fabric. If it is on kitchen wallpaper or laundry room wallpaper border, you can wipe it off immediately with a wet cloth. Wallpapers installed in high-activity and high-moisture rooms like these are more prone to stains. Majority of kitchen wallpaper, laundry room wallpaper border, and those used for childrens rooms are made of vinyl, which are more resistant to water and stains, and a lot durable than those made of paper.

Todays wallpapers are convenient and practical to use in case you want to renovate or change the appearance of your walls. You can choose from various widths (18 to 27 inches) of wallpaper in the market. A whole sheet of wallpaper can cover an area of 36 square feet but since walls too have different sizes, certain parts of the wallpaper sheet are trimmed so one sheet usually ends up with a covered area of about 30 square feet of wall area. Wallpaper has indeed undergone important innovations. These days, if you are shopping around for wallpapers and related supplies, you can choose from a lot of wallpaper with extensive designs. There are wallpapers which need separate pastes so they can be attached to walls. There are also wallpapers which are pre-pated at the back, installers need only to remove the protective covering and the wallpaper is ready to be installed on the wall. Todays wallpapers are also made of different materials depending on which type of wallpaper they are.

Paper and inks are not all equal A important issue that people often neglect when choosing who they buy their wallpaper murals from is the specifications of the wallpaper material itself (the substrate). The nature of this substrate affects a whole range of things, for example its effective lifetime, the final colouring of the inks, and even how easy it is to hang. The importance of your choice of paper is reflected in the sheer varieties on offer. If it is the best that you are looking for, then a thick, heavy weight fabric based material is best that is created for interior wall coverings. You can get them so that the paper wont wrinkle or stretch when hanging them, and this makes life much easier. Offered less often is the self-adhesive kind. These are the easiest to hang of all, and the process is altogether a lot less fussy than the paste it yourself variety. On this point, the final thing to consider is the size of strips that the image is printed on; some manufacturers print them on poster sized panels while others will print the whole image on one massive sheet. My personal favourite is the type that arrive as rolls of pre-cut lengths, a little wider than regular wallpaper. Coming with a plan for which order to hang the panels in, these are the nicest to instal.

From just £10 m2 The cost of the custom wallpaper murals can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is not necessarily that some manufacturers are greedier than others, it may be that they have different specialities, different costs and different expectations from their customer base. In the United Kingdom right now (2013-2014), you can pay anything from £10 +VAT per square meter up to £60 +VAT per square meter. Understanding the basic costs of manufacturing these products means that you dont have to pay top prices for the best products. While basic material costs mean that the top of the range products cost too much to offer at the lower price ranges, you wont have to pay top dollar to get the best. For my personal choice, I would recommend that you consider wallpaper murals that are in the price range of £25-£35 +VAT per square meter. Taking this all onboard will enable you to have wallpaper murals that have incredible lightfastness, are easy to install with repositionable self-adhesive backs, and which offer great colour rendition as well.

A new wave in modern home decor A new wave in home decor is building in the shape of custom wallpaper murals, and as a consequence many homes and workplaces are taking on a new dynamic. Fortunately for those wanting to redecorate, the proliferation of wallpaper mural manufacturers added to the increased availability of millions of high quality images from stock photo agencies means that these are to be seen in more homes and businesses than ever before. Now easier than ever before, creating stunning room spaces is possible for anybody and not just the professionals. Whichever wall space, room, corridor or door that you want to change, there will be the right image available for it; it is just your imagination and courage that will limit you!


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GIFs are everywhere – Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp chats, Instagram, Reddit, and even inside popular keyboards like SwiftKey. They are a fun and creative way to express your message or lighten up the conversation. People love sharing GIFs and viewing them, so why not set your favorite animated image (GIF) as lock screen wallpaper on your iPhone.

Before we do that, please understand that Apple only permits Live Photos to be set as moving wallpaper on iPhone. It does not allow GIFs to be directly set as live wallpaper. But here are some simple ways which we will be using to convert a GIF into a Live Photo and then set it as live wallpaper on iPhone.

How to Set a GIF as Live Wallpaper on iPhone

Method #1. Use GIPHY to Turn GIFs in to Live Wallpaper on iPhone

First of all download the GIPHY app from the App Store.

Step #1. Open GIPHY on your iPhone.

You will see popular GIFs on the first screen. You may also search according to your liking. Tap on the one you like.

Step #2. Tap on three vertical dots in the bottom right → Tap on Convert to Live Photo from the bottom pop-up.

Step #3. Kano app mac os. According to your preference, tap on Save as Live Photo (Full Screen) or Save as Live Photo (Fit to Screen).

We are halfway there! Now we just have to set our newly saved GIF (or I would say Live Photo) as wallpaper. To do this:

Step #4. Open the Settings app → tap on Wallpaper Choose a New Wallpaper.

Here you will see the stock Apple wallpapers under three categories, namely Dynamic, Stills and Live. Below this, you will see all personal images from your camera roll.

Step #5. Select Live Photos from the list below. And, tap on the Live Photo you had saved in step #3.

Step #6. Tap on Set. Make sure that the little circular icon is not crossed (that is, there is no diagonal line on it.)

Step #7. Tap on Set Lock Screen. (Live Photos do not work on Home Screen, so there is no point in tapping on ‘Set Home Screen’ or ‘Set Both’. But still, if you do, the Live Photo will act like normal wallpaper.)

Now lock your phone. On the lock screen, press and hold your finger for a second or two, and you will see the GIF spring into action. Looks nice. Right!

So this is how you can set a GIF as wallpaper on your iPhone. Now in the steps above, we used a GIF that was publicly available on GIPHY.

Suppose you have a GIF that you downloaded from some other source like Google, 9GAG, Twitter, Reddit; Or you have GIFs that you created on your own. How will you set this GIF as lock screen wallpaper? It is simple. Read on…


Method #2. How to Make GIF A Live Wallpaper on iPhone

Gif Wallpaper For Macbook

Step #1. Open GIPHY on your iPhone and Tap on the plus icon.


Step #2. The camera will open. Now tap on the photos icon and select your own GIF from the camera roll.

On this screen, you may add text, filters, effects, etc.

Step #3. Now tap on the right-pointing arrow → Tap on Upload to GIPHY.

If you want your GIF to be publicly available, you may log in/sign in or click ‘Maybe Later’ and upload publicly. If you want your GIF to be private, continue reading below.

Step #4. If you do not have a GIPHY account, tap on Sign Up or else tap on Log In.

Step #5. Tap on Private and then tap on Upload to GIPHY.

Gif Wallpaper Mac Download

Now your GIF is uploaded privately on GIPHY.

Step #6. Tap on the GIF you just uploaded.

Step #7. Tap on three vertical dots in the bottom right of the GIF.

Step #8. Choose Convert to Live Photo and then choose Save as Live Photo (Fit to Screen) or Save as Live Photo (Full Screen) depending on your preference.

Step #9. Now repeat Step #3 from Method #1 above. (that is, go to SettingsWallpaperChoose a New WallpaperLive PhotosSetSet Lock Screen.)

Another method that does not require uploading and then downloading your GIF is by using the app intoLive. Using this app, you can convert any video, bursts, GIF, or a combination of photos into Live Photo. After that, you can easily set the newly created Live Photo as wallpaper on your iPhone using the steps we have discussed twice above.

Signing off…

Wasn’t this fun! Tell us in the comments which app you used to convert GIF into Live Photo! If you know of any other app that does the same thing, please share the name with us. We will definitely give it a try.

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