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  1. Request PDF When is a pressure ulcer not a pressure ulcer? The current attention on pressure ulcer (PU) prevention has been welcomed by tissue viability nurses in the UK. However, it has also.
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The Journal of Wound Care has republished a consensus document to tackle the rising rates of device-related pressure ulcers (DRPUs) among patients and now, due to COVID-19, health care professionals.

Micromek is a Malawian based hardware startup locally producing low cost Unmanned Aerial vehicles that will serve the healthcare and environmental monitoring communities in Malawi and across Africa.

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By working hand in hand with the the Virginia Tech University Unmanned Systems Lab we are developing a low cost Unmanned Aerial vehicle (EcoSoar) to explore in delivery of remote medicine to provide a sterile transportation chain from clinic to laboratory, Reduce time for delivery of diagnostics, vaccines and medicines, Provide a lower cost delivery option and Improve delivery reliability to help hospitals and relief organizations to tackle healthcare challenges affecting children in the hard to reach, remote areas of Malawi. EcoSoar for environmental monitoring will allow for On-demand assessment of flooded regions, Assessment of agricultural areas and Hydrogeological mapping and in urban mapping to assess populations useful for planning health clinic locations and an ability to respond to disasters with pre-planning. A clear assessment and analysis of the data gathered is learned,to be shared with others.

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Firefox touch windows 10. Join the most passionate team on the planet deploying an innovative approach towards solving the challenges facing access to healthcare by children in the developing world through the use of our novel low cost UAVs to serve the healthcare and environmental monitoring communities in Malawi.