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  1. The latest version of MongoDB Compass Community is 1.11 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for the General category. The app is developed by com.mongodb.
  2. Go to the MongoDB download page and download the installer (.msi file). Double-click the downloaded.msi file and follow the instructions. The procedure will also install MongoDB Compass, a MongoDB client that lets you manage your database through a graphical interface.

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Explore your MongoDB databases in a visual manner and quickly create and run queries without having to know anything about the query language


What's new in MongoDB Compass 1.25.0:

  • New Features:
  • Updates the embedded MongoDB Shell to version 0.6.1.
  • Improvements to connection validation.
Read the full changelog

MongoDB Compass is a visualization tool that connects to your MongoDB server and offers you the possibility to analyze the included information and create queries without having to work with the command line.

Connect to MongoDB databases with or without providing authentication details

Right off the bat, MongoDB Compass requires the hostname and port for the MongoDB server you want to access. In addition, you can also use different types of authentication methods, such as username and password, Kerberos, or LDAP.

What’s more, MongoDB Compass offers you the option to add the connection details to the favorite list and give it an easily recognizable name. This way, you can work with multiple databases at the same time while avoiding going through the configuration procedure multiple times.

Analyze MongoDB collections and documents in a user-friendly graphical user interface

Once you establish a connection, MongoDB Compass will launch a separate window where you get to see details about your MongoDB installation, and the collections available on the server.


Just select one of the included databases and MongoDB Compass will display the number of included documents, their total and average size, together with index information. At the same time, you get to view all the field names contained in the records together with the data type.

As a result, you can use MongoDB Compass to visualize the schema of your database, and quickly identify possible errors, the frequency of particular fields in the database documents, and the distribution of data per each field depending on type.

Download Mongodb Compass For Mac

Build queries for your MongoDB database without relying on the query language

The best part is that you can use all the MongoDB Compass data representations to swiftly develop queries: just click on the information that interests you and the application will automatically generate the command using the appropriate language.

Note that you can create queries using multiple fields and that MongoDB Compass offers you the possibility to run the command with a simple press of a button: the results will be displayed in the MongoDB Compass main window almost instantly.

Powerful MongoDB schema visualization solution that includes query capabilities

To sum up, MongoDB Compass scans the databases content and enables the user to view the collection's schema in a graphical manner. What's more, you get to see the data types associated with each field and navigate the visual representation with ease.


At the same time, MongoDB Compass also enables the user to create custom query commands by using the mouse to highlight the sections or areas of interest: the app generates the code automatically, and you get to see the results in real time.

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MongoDB Compass 1.25.0

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