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Death Rally is a remake of the classic arcade racing game
  • Death Rally is a vehicular combat racing video game developed by Remedy Entertainment, published by Apogee Software and distributed by GT Interactive. Originally known as HiSpeed during development, it was released on 7 September 1996 for MS-DOS.
  • This is called a death (or end-of-life) rally. When a person facing the end-of-life 'rallies,' they become more stable, and may want to talk or even begin eating and drinking again. This period of a sudden burst of energy before death can be accompanied by such a notable change in cognition that hospice professionals have coined the phrase.
  • Tough question, but assuming you can stomach the creaking sound effects and aged graphics, Death Rally is actually a pretty enjoyable game. The name Death Rally sums up the game well. You start out with some cash, buy a car, do any upgrades you can afford, and then race opponents using both your driving skills, and machine guns.

Death Rally is a top-down vehicular combat racing video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and Apogee Software initially released in 1996 for DOS and eventually ported to this Windows version. You start the game with $495, a jalopy, and optional weapons.

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Death Rally is a remake of the classic arcade racing game. I don't remember all the details of the classic, but I have great memories of it. I used to play it a lot on my PC when it was popular. The remake feels addicting as well, and, although the graphics have been improved, this is not a game that you play because of its looks.

On the first mission of the game, you are to run away from the cops, but they chase you down and arrest you anyway. When this happens, you are told that you are going to be jailed for a long period of time, but you can participate in a Death Rally to bring a murderer to justice. So, you start racing and make money with each race. You collect money during the race and are awarded prizes for completing each event, killing opponents, scoring fastest times, and by completing other assignments. With the money that you make, you can upgrade your car and buy new ones. You do this after every race. You also have to spare some money to repair the damage inflicted upon your car by other drivers during the last event.

The game controls are rather simple. You steer your car with the arrow keys and there are other buttons that let you use nitro, weapons, and drop mines. You can obtain weapons by either buying them before a race or picking them up on the track.

I played the first few races of this game and it felt great. The controls are easy to master, and the control of your car gets easier when you spend money improving its handling.

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Graveyard shift 2 game. As I said above, the graphics have been improved. I played the game at full resolution on an 720p monitor and everything looked fine. The menus look smooth and the game runs fast, which is great.


  • Multiplayer mode
  • Addicting
  • Lots of ways to destroy other cars
  • Easy controls

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