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K Lite Codec Mac Download Free Support: K-Lite Codec Bundle for Windows is a suite of sound and video codecs that allows the os applications to play a huge number of multimedia formats that the OS doesn't ordinarily encourage. Download the latest version of the XviD codec, which is needed to play and create XviD videos. We offer free downloads for both Windows and Mac users. Macro excel 2011 mac tutorials.

Posted by Candice Liu to QuickTime, MOV Updated on Mar.12, 2020

QuickTime contains popular codecs such as MPEG4, H.264, DV and JPEG. But downloading additional codecs is deemed as indispensable to make up for the missing ones and have the videos under the compatible formats with QuickTime. Just check out our top list of QuickTime codec you have to download and install to expand QuickTime supported format lists, if you are subject to following playback issues.

1. QuickTime shows you an error message when playing a file with unsupported media: 'The document could not be opened. A required codec isn't available.'
2. After you upgrade to macOS Sierra, you are unable to play MOV files and informed of a message 'Additional software is required for QuickTime to playback this media.' This is because Sierra deleted the QuickTimeMPEG2.component file from /Library/QuickTime.
3. You get a message 'The document could not be opened. The movie's file format isn't recognized' when playing AVI in QuickTime, just because the file is corrupt or a video/audio codec is mission.

Note: When you play video on Mac using QuickTime, the easiest way to solve the missing codec error is to convert video to QuickTime compatible format like MOV, QT, M4v, MP4 with HD video converter for Mac.

Download Video Player to Play MP4 without Installing Codec

Why you still want a Plan B? Main reason, based on the feedbacks from users on the forum, is that some codec pack software contain adware, spyware, ransomware or even trojan virus to put your computer and internal file data into the edge of risk if you download from some informal websites. So comparatively, most users prefer an even safer way to play MP4 on Mac or Windows without codec incompatibility problem. The safer way you might need is to download MP4 video player to play MP4 video on MacBook/iMac or Windows.

Free Codec Download For Mac

And here we mainly focus on top two video player for both Windows and macOS: VLC player and 5KPlayer. Both of them are downloaded thousands of times each month on softonic. They have something in common and meanwhile differ from each other. Read the below table to see which one you like better.

VLC Player

1. Free play MP4 video on Windows and macOS with H264, MPEG-4, H265 and H263 codecs.

2. Support MPEG Audio, MP3, AAC, AC3, Vorbis, Flac, A52/AC-3, Opus, Speex, WAV and WMA2, 11 audio codecs in total.

3. Free convert MP4 to MKV, MP4 to AVI, FLV, WebM, etc.

Codec Download For MacCodec Download For Mac

4. One of VLC hidden features: free download YouTube MP4 via VLC.

5. Record non-downloadable MP4 screen video on you PC/Mac.


1. Free play MP4 files on Mac and Windows with codecs like H264, H265, H263, MPEG-4, MPEG-4 ASP, MPEG-2 Part 2, MPEG-4 AVC, etc, no 3rd party app needed.

2. Up to 14+ audio codecs supported, for instance, MP3, AAC, AC3, iPhone Ringtone M4A, WMA, AIFF, WAV, Flac, OGG, DTS, etc.

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3. Allow you to AirPlay MP4 video from iPhone iPad to MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, etc. and stream MP4 file from Mac to Apple TV.

Video Codecs For Mac

4. Free download MP4 video from YouTube, FB, Vimeo, etc. 1000+ sites.