Citrix Receiver For Mac Not Working



Cloud application is not starting or takes longer than expected to launch when using a MAC.

(Windows users, please click here for help)

Instructions 1.Launch the Terminal app on your Mac by either searching for it in Spotlight or locating it in the Utilities folder under Applications. 2.Type in the following command: 'sudo rm -r' (without quotes) and then drag and drop the receiver on the terminal window. Citrix Receiver not Launching in Windows 10. Citrix Receiver for Windows 10 has a list of arguably smart features, however there are several issues that constantly pop-up and prevent Citrix Receiver from launching in Windows 10. For instance, launching Citrix with the regular domain user account fails to launch the desktops and applications. In Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), and 10.6 (Snow Leopard) please go to the Apple icon drop down menu on the top left corner of your Mac and select the option for “System Preferences”. Next, select “Expose & Spaces”. Ensure there is no key selected within the Expose section. (Click on the drop down arrows and select a “ – “).


***Be sure that you have already completed all of the steps in the article here before continuing to the following suggestions. If you are still experieincing issues, please continue below***

Ensure that your Mac has the latest Updates installed

  • To install Mac updates, select the Apple at the top left of your machine and choose “About this Mac” - then choose Software Update.

**Note this will NOT upgrade your current OS to the latest OS released, it will simply install any needed updates for your current OS. An upgrade may be available to purchase from the App store to upgrade your Mac to the latest OS.

  • After installing all Mac updates, or verifying your Mac is up-to-date, please verify you are running on the latest version of the Citrix Receiver as well. To do so, locate the Citrix icon at the top right of your screen as shown below. Simply right click and choose about to see your version.
  • Click here to see the latest Citrix Receiver version that is available. If the version available is newer than the version installed on your Mac, Download and Install the latest version. ***Keep in mind, Citrix does not support Mac OSX 10.6 or 10.7, so installing the latest Receiver version will not work with those operating systems. Click here to obtain an older Citrix receiver version if you are running on Mac 10.7 or earlier. HOWEVER, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your Mac to the latest OS because the older Citrix Receiver is no longer supported.

Review your Devices and Printers

Checking your printer list and reducing it can make an impact on connection time. This is relevant because when connecting to our servers, Citrix maps each device that is installed locally. If there are numerous devices or devices no longer found, this could potentially impact your application’s launch time. Within your Mac, please verify the number of devices that are installed on your machine. This information can be found by going to system preferences.

  • Select the Apple at the top left of your machine and choose System Preferences - Printers and Scanners

  • Review the list of devices you have installed
  • Remove any devices that you do not currently use by simply highlighting the device and selecting the minus button.

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Citrix Receiver For Mac Not Working

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Change the Screen Resolution in your Citrix settings

Some Macs have various screen resolution sizes, and sometimes have difficulties connecting to the server because of this.

  • To set a screen resolution, log into
  • Click on the Settings option.
  • Within the User Experience section, use the drop down to change the Window Size.
  • By default this is set to “Seamless”. We recommend changing this to a set screen size; for example, 1280 X 1024. This ensures a set screen size when connecting to the server and can drastically improve connection times. BE SURE to click SAVE after these changes have been made.

How to unlock iphone 6 for free. NOTE: when launching the program you’ll notice the application will open in its own separate window; to make it full screen, simply click the green expand button at the top right of your Mac for a full screen experience.

Citrix receiver for mac not working software

If you’re still experiencing problems connecting to your application, Contact Support.

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Citrix Receiver For Mac Not Working

How to uninstall Mac receiver to make sure all the related directories are removed.


1.Launch the Terminal app on your Mac by either searching for it in Spotlight or locating it in the Utilities folder under Applications.
2.Type in the following command: 'sudo rm -r' (without quotes) and then drag and drop the receiver on the terminal window.
Note : 'sudo rm -r' is most powerful command which will delete all the files and directories under the present working directory, please make sure you are executing this command under correct required directory
3.Hit Enter on your keyboard.
4.You may be prompted to enter your OS X user password. Type it in and then hit Enter on your keyboard.
5.All the directories & files would be successfully removed.
6.Install the latest receiver and test.

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