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On the Casio website, you will find quick guides for Casio Calculators including the ClassWiz.

For the complete manual from Casio see this page, note the calculator is listed under fx-570EX / fx-911EX on the Casio manuals page.

From The Calculator Guide on YouTube see this playlist on the Casio Classwiz fx-991EX. For example see this introductory video on using Statistics mode to find the mean, variance and other statistical summary data.

For entering data from a frequency table:

Fx-991EX A new high-performance scientific that has higher resolution to increase the amount of information to be displayed and super-fast calculations for high-stakes testing or for performing the most advanced mathematics. Its new high resolution LCD screen allows for more information for applications like Spread-sheets and 4X4 matrix. Manuals and User Guides for Casio ClassWiz fx-991EX. We have 3 Casio ClassWiz fx-991EX manuals available for free PDF download: Quick Start Manual, User Manual Casio ClassWiz fx-991EX User Manual (44 pages). About this Manual. Unless specifically stated, all sample operations in this manual assume that the calculator is in its initial default setup. Use the procedure under “Initializing the Calculator” to return the calculator to its initial default setup. The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice.

For more features…

Other examples include further statistical videos such as Normal Distribution calculations, further Normal Distribution examples, integration and differential calculations and using Complex mode.

See also this playlist from Casio on the Classwiz FX 991EX.

The New Classroom Standard
With High-resolution LCD Technology

Ideal non-programmable scientific calculator for technology integrated teaching and learning based on the Philippines K-12 curriculum for Lower / Upper Secondary schools and University.
fx-991EX can assist teaching and learning of SHS core subjects as well as SHS academic tracks, especially STEM strand, ABM strand and HUMMS strand.

  • Presentation

    Introduces the excellent features of the new ClassWiz

  • Function

    Introduces high-performance functions effective for advanced mathematics

1 Easy and Intuitive operability

Intuitive and interactive operation makes it easy to use the features of ClassWiz.
By the use of icons, selection of the desired function is quick and easy.

Visual, interactive and textbook-based displays make operation easier for teaching the use of scientific calculators, so you can concentrate on teaching mathematics.

Interactive format

Interactive menu display realizes more intuitive operation.

Natural Textbook Display Models

Input and display fractions, powers, logarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbols just as they appear in textbooks.

  • ClassWiz Series


  • Solve the simultaneous equations.
    {x + 2y = 32x +3y = 4

  • The solution is
    x = -1
    y = 2

ClassWiz Series

  • Select equation

  • Solution

MS Series

  • Select equation

  • Solution

2 Essential functions for learning all in one

A wide range of essential functions are effective for education and available to support student's learning.

  • Spreadsheet

    Useful for learning statistics.
    Up to 5 columns x 45 rows
    (maximum of 170 data items)

Casio fx 991ex online

1Essential functions

Even advanced mathematical calculations are simple to perform and functions that take advantage of previous unavailable display capabilities are now possible.

Casio Fx 991Ex Classwiz Manual

Spreadsheet calculations


The spreadsheet function can be used for studying statistics which has become important in mathematics classes.

Statistical calculation such as the mean of the data is executed


In addition, the spreadsheet function makes it possible to enter recursive formulas.

Sequence: a1=2 and an+1 -2an-3 (n=1, 2, 3 ..)

a1-2, a2=1, a3=-1, a4=-5, a5=-13

Riemann Integral

Calculation using advanced Riemann functions is also possible.

The spreadsheet function makes it easy to use real-world data even in the classroom, enabling students to effectively study statistical processing.

2Variety of functions available to support student's learning.

From basic level to advanced math level for secondary and tertiary education.

  • Equation

  • Integration

Casio Fx 991Ex Classwiz Manual


Solve the matrix calculation.

ClassWiz Series

Fx 991ex User Guide

  • Able to have the answer in 1 display as textbook form Mac more than one antivirus software.

MS series

  • Need 4 displays to enter numbers in Matrix B

  • Need 4 displays to check the final answer

3 Simple and quick calculations

Simple key strokes and visualized formulas make calculations faster.
Fast calculation for smooth performance in class or during examinations.


Calculate the mean height of 5 students.

< Students’ height >
176cm, 180cm, 173cm, 180cm, 175cm

ClassWiz series 2 steps

Fewer keystrokes and faster !!
Standard variation, variance, mean, sum all in one display!
No more jotting down each solution on paper, ClassWiz will save your time.

ES PLUS Series 6 steps

ES PLUS Series 6 steps

ES PLUS Series 6 steps

4 Extensive and advanced service using QR Code

Generate QR Codes of equations input into the calculator by a simple operation.
Graphs and other information can be displayed on smartphone or tablet screens.

Advanced mathematical capabilities make teaching mathematics more extensive and advanced.

1Visualization with graphs

  • STEP 1
    Input formula
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
    QR Code

Casio Fx-991ex Classwiz Calculator Manual

  • STEP 4
    Display Graph
  • Makes formulas visually understandable

2Online Sharing

Online sharing system assists active learning in your classroom.
If you use the QR Code Function, you can share students' results.
It will be a great help for group-work lessons.

Group B

  • QR Code

  • Graph

  • Group discussion

    Combine and compare graphs on a single screen.

  • Combine Group A, Group B

3Quick user manual call-up

  • STEP 1
    Display the menu
  • STEP 2
    QR Code
  • STEP 3
    Display the manual
  • Makes learning to operate the calculator fast and easy

Please see the website in detail

QR code portal site


Math and Science Division Chair at Lyons Township High School
LaGrange Illinois (USA)


Ismael Zamora


Casio Fx-991ex Classwiz Manual Instructions

I love the simplicity of the Casio fx-991EX (ClassWiz). The use of a natural textbook display and high resolution screen allows me to present mathematics the way students see mathematics in their textbooks. The ClassWiz also allows me to teach concepts I never could before. Statistics, data analysis, probability and spreadsheets are all now within the realm of possibility. My favorite feature is the QR Code generator. I now have the power of a graphing calculator in the hands of every student. The ClassWiz allows me to focus on the learning and not the button pushing.