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Air conditioner serial and model number Decode Hvac Serial and Model numbers Each Hvac brand has its own serial and model number and each serial and model number have a different way of telling you the information. You can’t use Carrier serial and model to decode Trane hvac units. A model number can work, but the product number which is found in the same place as the model number will result in more defined listing. OEM Part Number Lookup – HVAC Parts Outlet Find your part using your complete 'Product Number'. Furnace Model Number Breakdown. Different parts of the model number mean different things. Take a G26Q3/4-100-1 for instance. It breaks down in the following way: Series Number. This is the series number; the G meaning gas (Natural or LP). This is the drive or air capacity of the unit. Here the 3/4 indicates a 3 to 4 ton drive.

CarrierCarrier ac serial number lookup

Have you ever needed to know the size and age of your air conditioning equipment?

Depending on the age and equipment manufacturer the format and content of data on the name plate varies, but typically the tag will allow you to discover some or the entire considerable amount of data listed here.

  • This tool will assist you in verifying warranty coverage on a piece of equipment. You will need a valid serial number(s) for the covered equipment. If the search does not return any information, it may be due to: 1) an incorrect serial number; 2) a cancelled contract; or 3) it has been less than 30 days since the contract was purchased.
  • The numbers you'll see on residential air conditioners and heat pumps are: The 3 digits in the model number tell you the nominal capacity in thousands of BTU/hr. Since each 12,000 BTU/hr is equivalent to 1 ton of air conditioner capacity, it's easy to figure out how many tons of nominal capacity your AC has.
  • Manufacturer: The air conditioning equipment manufacturer. (Carrier, Rheem, Goodman, Trane, etc…)
  • Model Number,Serial Number, and Cooling Capacity: sometimes cooling capacity is coded into the model number but on most new units, cooling capacity is stated explicitly. On older equipment the BTUH cooling capacity may be encoded in the model numbers.

Carrier Model Number Lookup

COOLING CAPACITYdiscusses how to read the cooling capacity in BTUH or tons from air conditioning or heat pump tags or name plates. The serial number of modern HVAC equipment encodes the year and month of manufactured date.

Serial number formats vary by range of years over which equipment was manufactured, and may vary among countries of manufacture for a given company’s equipment, for example between the U.S. and Canada for Carrier air conditioning equipment.

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Example: a Carrier Compressor/Condenser Serial# 1389E54894 on a compressor unit.

Air conditioning equipment age from serial number for the example above, the equipment was made after 1980. The first four digits of the serial number are week and year of manufacture, in this case, week 13 of 1989.

FROM MODEL # – Air conditioning equipment capacity from model number

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Carrier Ac Serial Number Lookup

Example: Carrier A/C Compressor Condenser Model# 38XD12400 (same unit as used for the serial number example above), there is variation in how Carrier assigned these numbers but typically the numbers indicate either tonnage or MBTUH. This example has digits in the 4th and 5th positions (right hand 5 digits), so the rating is in MBTUH for this number and “24” signifies 24 MBTUH or 2 tons of capacity.

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