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Rattle: Installation Troubleshooting

Cannot Download R Packages In Open R Mac Os This directory contains binaries for a base distribution and packages to run on Mac OS X (release 10.6 and above). Mac OS 8.6 to 9.2 (and Mac OS X 10.1) are no longer supported but you can find the last supported release of R for these systems (which is R 1.7.1) here.

MS/Windows: Warning: package 'rattle' is in use and will not be installed. On MS/Windows, when a package has been loaded into the library (using the library command), we can not then update it with the install.packages command. If we see this message and are wanting to upgrade the package, simply start a fresh R, then do the install.packages. Because ggplot2 isn’t part of the standard distribution of R, you have to download the package from CRAN and install it. The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) is a network of servers around the world that contain the source code, documentation, and add-on packages for R. Each submitted package on CRAN also has a page.

We have worked hard to make the installation of Rattle a simple 5minute task.

The majority of issues over the years have been with issuesinstalling the prerequisite GTK+ libraries. That's a good place tobegin if Rattle won't start up after it has been loaded (the RattleGUI depends on the GTK+ libraries).

If you do hit any speed bumps then check below, then consult rattle-userson Google Groups and post the issue there.

On Linux, do make sure the r-base-dev package is installed, as thatinstalls many of the required packages for compiling R packages fromsource.

RGtk2 version 2.20.33 introduced some small changes that causedissues with Rattle. This has been fixed in Rattle version 5.0.14 andabove which should now work with at least RGtk2 version 2.20.31 andRGtk2 2.20.33.Choose one of the alternatives below to resolve this issue:

Any OS



There have been reports of this error when trying to load anMS/Excel spreadsheet into Rattle. The R package that reads xlsx andxls files is called 'xlsx' but it relies on the 'rJava' package whichin turn relies on Java being installed on your computer. Please makesure you have Java installed and also make sure the rJava package isinstalled and loadable:A work around is to us the new readxl package which aimsto avoid the Java issues. Once it is stable Rattle will move to usingit too. But for now:Then in Rattle choose the R Dataset option on the Data tab and select'my_spreadsheet' from the drop down selector.

The release of R 3.0.0 in April 2013 seems to be causing grief to anumber of users on Mac OS/X. The problem seems to be with theinstallation of RGtk2 which the Rattle GUI depends on. The key is tomake sure the RGtk2 package can be installed and loaded:

Some users have reported success eventually with the rightoperating system paths being set up in Mac OS/X (which is completelyseparate from the setup of R itself).

A specific but unsatisfactory workaround has been to revert toversion 2.14.2 of R and 2.6.18 of Rattle on Mac OS/X.

Stack Overflow provides some guidance around the R 3.0.0 and RGtk2 error.

Further information on installing the right version of GTK for Rversion 3 can be found onGitHub.Eric Triplett reports [140529] that with rattle version 3.0.4 and Rversion 3.1.8 and with RGtk2, X11, XCode command line tools installed,the Rattle GUI opens but when loading a CSV file he gets the followingerror message in the console:Christopher Lowenkamp upgraded to Mac OS 10.9 and re-installed XQuartzto resolve this issue.The following code demonstrates the problem (Rattle uses GTK so it isimportant to have a working GTK installation)Ivan Salgo [140603] notes that after ensuring MacOS is upgraded to10.9 and XQuarts is re-installed then Rattle should be installed fromsource:

On MS/Windows, when a package has been loaded into the library(using the library() command), we can not then update it with theinstall.packages() command. If we see this message and are wanting toupgrade the package, simply start a fresh R, then do theinstall.packages().

At times the rattle package might be automatically loaded everytime we start up R, even before we get a chance to issue anycommands. This is usually because rattle objects have been saved aspart of the workspace (possibly when we exited R at some stage when wehad rattle loaded and chose to save the workspace). This is stored inthe .RData file. Under this circumstance we can rename the .RData fileand start up R again, or we can unload the package from thelibrary and then attempt the installation again:

On starting up R a quick way to check if a workspace has beenautomatically loaded is to issue the ls() command. With no savedworkspace no objects will be listed:

You may also see a message about unable to connect to'' on port 80

This issue was noted by Jay Schindler [120117]. R needs Internetaccess for installing packages. This can be an issue when goingthrough a company proxy server, for example.

If you are installing R packages by downloading them yourself orcopying from a USB drive, for example, and then installing thedownloaded packages within R (e.g., using install.packages withrepos=NULL, or using the menu option to Install packages from localzip files, then that is fine, except for the RGtk2. You will needto install the GTK+ package yourself (it is not part of R), perhaps byfollowing the instructions at

If you are behind a proxy server then it is simplest to try to getyour computer connected directly to the Internet. Alternatively, R canbe told about the proxy server by using the environment variablesHTTP_PROXY and FTP_PROXY, and it should then be able to directlyconnect to the Internet. See the RStudioFAQ for a good description.

This occurs when RGtk2 is finding an older version of GTK+. Thiswill also often be displayed if you have not restarted R afterinstalling the GTK+ libraries. It will also be displayed if the GTK+libraries (which are installed separately to R itself) have not beeninstalled. On MS/Windows this can also occur if there are conflicts inyour PATH, such as when there are multiple GTK+ libraries found inyour PATH and you are running R 32bit but it finds GTK 64bit first.Check your PATH to ensure you don;t have multiple Gtk+ installations.

This pops up on trying to start Rattle. This could be because ofone of several reasons:

GTK+ has not been installed

The RGtk2 package should automatically install GTK+ on MS/Windows. Ifthis is the first time starting up Rattle, then this is just noticingthat GTK+ has yet to be installed. Click OK and RGtk2 will ask if itshould install GTK+. Choose to do so and click OK and wait for theinstallation to complete. Then restart R.

Need to Restart R

Cannot download r packages in open r macsMac

RGtk2 will attempt to install GTK+ libraries. After it does so youdo need to restart R so that R can find the newly installed libraries.

Multiple Versions Have Been Installed

RGtk2 might be finding the wrong version of the GTK+libraries. This has been a common problem. The best solution seems tobe to remove all installations of GTK that you can find, and reinstallGTK+ through installing and then loading the RGtk2 package from withinR itself.

If you want to debug this yourself, then check the PATH environmentvariable to ensure the right version of GTK is first in the path.

The following R command (thanks to Tony Plate) will list allversions of relevant libraries that are found in your PATH changeGTK2-Runtime to gtkwin32 (if you installed as per the instructionsabove) or where ever you have installed Gtk2:

Look for lines beginning with [2] in the output since they identifymultiple versions of DLLs (dynamic link libraries) and are potentialproblems. Make sure the GTK2 version is ahead on the PATH - is is notsufficient that the GTK2 library is on the path as it has to be aheadof conflicting DLLs.

The above occurred with version of RGtk2 prior to 2.20.17 when ittried to install the GTK+ libraries. The unzipping of the downloadedgtk+ zip file failed. Consequently the required GTK libraries were notinstalled.

RGtk2 uses a call to a new procedure in the zlib1.dlllibrary. Older versions of this library do not contain thisprocedure. Thus you may see a message of the form: The procedureentry point deflateSetHeader could not be located in the dynamic linklibrary zlib1.dll. With a fresh install on Windows I believe thisdoes not happen. If it does then the chances tend to be that someother application in your PATH environment variable provides aconflicting version of zlib1.dll which is overriding the one fromGTK+. For example, Luc Kesters noted that C:programfilesIntelWiFibin was in the path with a conflicting version. Asolution is to search for and remove these older zlib1.dll's from thePATH or from whichever application installed the competingzlib1.dll.

Some users report issues installing XML (Windows 2007) and R2.13.0. Since R 2.14.0 these have been fixed. Testing on Windows 7 andR 2.13.0 seems to work just fine using:

This should automatically retrieve the package from /,irrespective of which archive you request the download from. Otherwiseyou can download the ZIP file by hand and then install it directlywith:

On Windows 7, 32bit, when installing GGobi some users report that wemay also need to manually install the [110317] and [110317] binary libraries from These libraries are includedin the older sourceforge package of GTK+ but not the gtk.orgpackage. There is currently [110317] no 64bit version forWindows. Unzip the downloads and place the dll's intoc:gtkwin32bin. (Thanks to Michael Lane [110317] for thedetails.)

You probably have an older version of GTK+ installed (perhaps inaddition to the newer version). Remove all GTK+ installs and justinstall as above.

Cannot Download R Packages In Open R Machine Learning

Fionn Hope reported 20 November 2010 the following error: Theprocedure entry point cairo_clip_extents could not be located in thedynamic link library libcairo-2.dll. Once the GGobi package wasremoved the error went away.

This is often because GTK is not installed (perhaps you are usingKDE rather than GTK). A simple solution [110415] is to install theglade package which will pull in the development version of the GTKpackages

Thanks to Igor Gregovitch for this: For some translations (e.g.,French) accentuated letters show as a crossed box and various othercharacters do not display properly. Also the Execute button will notwork because Data is translated to Donn[x]es instead of Données.The issue relates to using an ISO encoding on the system rather than aUTF-8 encoding (/etc/default/locale). Switch to UTF-8 using or some variation using dpkg or apt-get. Choose the correct locale,such as fr_FR.UTF-8 instead of [email protected] ISO-8859-15. Restart and itworks just fine.This error occurs when attempting to install the RGtk2 package. Theinstall is looking for the header files for GTK. Possibly they are notyet installed on your operating system. For Ubuntu and Debian, this iseasily solved:

XML related developer packages are required in order to install theR XML package. These can be installed using:

This is usually solved with a reinstall (from source so that it iscompiled against the installed version of the Cairo libraries) of thecairoDevice package.

This is seen to fail if the package libgtk2.0-dev is notinstalled. Make sure it is installed for your distribution of Linux.

'dispatchExecuteButton' est appelé avec un onglet inconnu. Data
'dispatchExecuteButton' wurde mit einem unbekannten Tabaufgerfuen. Data
'dispatchExecuteButton' が呼び出されました。呼び出し元のタブが不明です。

In each language the message is that the dispatch method has beencalled from an unknown tab.

There seems to be an issue with Rattle and internationalisationunder Mac OSX. A work around is to set the language to English, atleast until we work out what the issue is:

Morgan Vallat noted that there are LOCALE issues for OSX which canbe fixed by starting R and then quiting so that preferences arecreated. Then launch a terminal and execute:

TextMate for Mac, free and safe download. TextMate latest version: A powerful text editor for programmers. TextMate for macOS Powerful and customizable text editor with support for a huge list of programming languages and developed as open source. Download TextMate 2.0 Requires macOS 10.12 or later. Text mate download for mac.

[111204] This is a long standing issue with Mac/OSX. These messagesare displayed on starting rattle(). These appear when therattle_window is shown and again when we configure the GUI. As best Ican tell no functionality is affected and the errors can beignored.

Cannot Download R Packages In Open R Mac Os

[111204] This is a long standing issue with Mac/OSX and appears toonly be a warning that can be ignored.

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