Can I Lock An App On My Mac


Welcome to Apple Support Communities If you activate lock mode, your Mac will be locked the next time it connects to Internet and it has your Apple ID. After being locked, it won't be possible to use it anymore unless you have the passcode.

Can I Lock An App On My Mac

Yesterday, I shared how to use iOS6 Guided access feature to lock iPhone or iPad to one app and control which app features are available. If you share your device and would like to lock individual apps or folders on your iPhone or iPad for others not to see, the Apple guided access can’t help.
As at the time of publishing this post, there is no app that can lock down individual apps on your Apple device without you having to jailbreak your device, although there are some apps you can use to hide your photos, notes etc on your iPhone and iPad. Strange.huh?

  • Guidelines to lock photos on Mac system using Remo MORE app Step 1: Download and install the Remo MORE app on your Mac system and start it. Choose ' Manage ” option form the welcome screen.
  • If shortcuts just aren’t your thing and you’re more comfortable using your mouse or trackpad instead, try another easy option. To lock Mac screen from the Apple menu: Go to the Apple menu at the top left of your screen In the dropdown menu, choose Lock Screen.
Can I Lock An App On My Mac

I still can’t believe there is no way to implement a 4 digit code lock for a specific folder or app on iPhone and iPad. For now, whenever I give out my iPad to others for quick use, I use iOS restrictions for apps supported, move bbm for iPad and email app to a folder and also log out some IM and social networking apps. Not really cool though….

Nevertheless, there are some third-party apps eg Dropbox, Goodreader that have built-in password / encryption features making them useless for people not knowing the master password. How I wish all apps including the iPad email client have such feature.

Can I Lock An App On My macMac

I hope Apple will allow this functionality soon while I also await Apple to implement multiple users on the iPad.

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How To Lock Apps On Ipad

NOTE: If you don’t mind jailbreaking your device, then try the AppLocker Cydia App.

Can I Lock An App On My Macbook Pro

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