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Calculus can be difficult to learn. It can be intimidating. But we need some understanding of it in order to understand Physics. In this article, we are going to explore Calculus made easy for the purposes of applying Calculus to Physics.

Physics is all about occurrence, observation, logical comprehension, and prediction. It primarily is a unique blend of the phenomenon of numerous incidents, a plethora of unknown activities, and an altogether amalgamation of what humanity has been observing throughout history. And you should always try to be aware of the fact that Physics is the gateway which leads us through the ignorant inner-self to the actual happenings around the world.

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  • “Calculus Made Easy is arguably the best math teaching ever. To a non-mathematician, its simplicity and clarity reveals the mathematical genius of Newton, Leibniz, and Thompson himself. Martin Gardner deserves huge thanks for renewing this great book.” ―Julian Simon, author of Population Matters.

Calculus Made Easy: Being a Very-Simplest Introduction to those Beautiful Methods of Rekoning which are Generally Called by the Terrifying Names of the Differential Calculus and the Integral Calculus Enlarged Edition.

The Joint Entrance Examination (or JEE) for admissions into the top-notch colleges of the nation, needs its candidates to be the best at comprehending these ongoing occurrences, and coming up with the best innovations the world has ever witnessed.

Being a JEE aspirant, you must have heard of the close link between Physics and Mathematics, either through your high school Mathematics teacher, or any peer who scores well at Mathematics. It’s often seen that the students not opting for Mathematics tend to have a not-so-good view of the Physics in their curriculum—and they avoid being wholly engrossed in the concepts of Physics.

“THE WORLD IS CHANGING.” This proverb is one of the best that can be used to describe Physics and its connection with the world. By this proverb, we don’t only mean any single entity. It signifies every entity which is a constituent of the world, however small it may be. You can’t ignore the little termite which can change the layout of the furniture, nor can you overlook the increasing effect of pollution on the rise in average temperature over the years. In totality, to study the environment, the sequences, and the occurrences, you must find and focus on the smallest entities you can discover.

Calculus Made Easy App

Physics is a subject where you find entities which are changing with time, space, and the environment. Nothing is constant in Physics, and everything is bound to change. Thus, the phrase “The World Is Changing” sums up the requirement of Calculus and hence, Mathematics in Physics.

Calculus made easy app

You must have observed the common phenomenon of cooling of a substance under ambient conditions. How often do our mothers put a hot pan of water into cold surroundings to cool itself? No doubt, the rate at which the cooling process occurs depends on the surroundings. More often, we switch on the fans to allow for better cooling to take place. The common observation is how the rate of cooling depends on the surroundings, the rate of change of temperature of the vessel, and the passage of time. Thus, there are many of these variable parameters and so many of them are changing!

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Calculus, allows us to study the characteristics of this changing world. Physics and Mathematics (in the form of Calculus) answer all the phenomena of the universe. To your amazement, even the most important, and the so-called mathematical derivations, have been proposed by some of the most exceptional physicians in the history of humanity. But you should not ponder over the complex calculus equations, derivations, and formulations.

Calculus and Physics

Calculus in Physics is just a small part of these complex derivations. The most important concept of Calculus used in Physics is the concept of Differentiation and Integration. Both of these are used to analyze the variation of quantities over a changing parameter, be it time, distance, or any other physical parameter. Thus the Calculus in Physics is a “Calculus made easy” for the students to learn and concentrate on the actual physical phenomenon more than the mathematical derivations.

Probable Methods to Get Over the Fear of Calculus in Physics

For students preparing for the JEE, it is highly recommended to learn the applied Calculus in Physics. You can learn Calculus made easy for the sole purpose of application in Physics. These include

  • the basic concepts of finding the maxima and minima of a function using derivatives,
  • using graphs of a function, and
  • the use of integration to compute some of the other physical quantities from their corresponding derivatives.

You get to know the basic Mathematics long before it is taught in the regular Mathematics classes, as the Mathematics classes would be in much more detail.


Painless Calculus

The Calculus has been made easy by elementary knowledge of derivatives, integrations, and graphs of some of the primary functions as a part of JEE Physics. Physics deals with qualitative concepts, The integration of Calculus into current physical world situations has helped humanity discover the vast potential of Calculus, which turns the subject from a qualitative one to a qualitative and quantitative domain.


In a way, the results from Mathematics are directly used in Physics, and this has made Calculus easier than what it sounds to the human ear. So, without pondering over how you could make it through the giant equations and derivations of Calculus, you should start the Calculus-made-easy. This is the Calculus which is required to understand the concepts of this qualitative subject, Physics.

Precalculus Made Easy Free

Without much ado, you should start the proceedings—just keep in mind that a mere beginning can transform you from a novice to an adept in this exciting venture.

Calculus Made Easy Free

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