Bosch Software Updates

I am 220 kms in with my Norco VLT R1 and am loving it. I am also very happy with my LBS.

They need to connect to the Bosch portal using a dongle and the bike with the battery installed needs to be connected for the update process. It takes no more than 3-5 mins to do it. The difference would be minimal. Only one previous update increased the torque level (from 60Nm to 63Nm) back in early 2017. Keep your Bosch Wheel Service equipment up to date with the latest Bosch updates and downloads for a variety of wheel alignment systems. Download software here.

Aperture for mac sierra

Bosch IoT Rollouts provides a secure, reliable means of handling software rollout processes involving a large number of devices. This domain-independent back-end solution supports the rollout of software updates to constrained edge devices.

I just checked the software versions in the settings mode with the Intuvia. Here is what I found:
Intuvia: Latest - Installed -

Bosch Software Update 2020

Power Pack: Latest - Installed -
Drive Unit: Latest - Installed - Software Updates
As I am having no problems with the bike, my questions are:
  1. Would there be any substantial difference if the Power Pack and Drive Unit were updated to current?
  2. Is it a major undertaking for the LBS?

Thank you for your thoughts.

Bosch Firmware Update

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