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Torrent Client free download - Free Torrent Download, VPN Gate Client Plug-in with SoftEther VPN Client, Vuze BitTorrent Client, and many more programs. Download Adobe Cc 2018 Master Mac Torrent Crack.1 – Reserved previous Adobe Acrobat XI Pro version.2 – Reserved previous Adobe Flash Professional CC 2015 version. Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Applications Collection List: Adobe Acrobat DC (Include 15.10 Update) / Adobe Acrobat XI Pro (Include 11.0.14 Update). Best Torrent Client Mac 2019 Crack; Best Torrent Client Mac 2019; The first and the most preferred torrent client on our list is BitTorrent. Despite being too old it still holds a very great place and a strong user base. As the new versions came up, it now has more advanced. Our BitTorrent Web and Classic clients for Mac computers are available in one convenient location. Download the version that best suits you.


To date, the method that allows you to download or share files making the most of your network connection and avoiding incurring problems due to excessive traffic accumulated on a single content (situation that happens when many people download simultaneously) is definitely to exploit peer to peer networks, and in particular exploit file sharing systems such as powerful Torrent networks.

This content sharing system is based on the assumption that there are no servers, that every user must act as client and server, from seed and from peer. That is, it must ensure that every user, while downloading, must simultaneously be an active part in the sharing process. This leads to really high performances that tend to increase as the number of people trying to download a certain content increases.

To date, the most popular client for accessing Torrent networks is uTorrent, but there are many free and safe alternatives for Mac OS X, which allow access to the same networks with additional functions. So here are the best alternatives to uTorrent for Mac OS X.

Transmission Project

The Transmission client for years is the main torrent client for Apple platforms. This software was born as a project of the independent community of developers for Mac OS, and the success of the software was such that today it is also available for Linux and Windows (thanks to an unofficial fork).

The main features of this client are the selective download, the encrypted connections and the possibility of exploiting it to create torrent files for their own shares. It also allows you to forward connections on a single port to overcome any limits imposed by the ISP or a proxy.


Another good program to exploit torrent networks from Mac OS X is Tribler, this software (particularly heavy, perhaps due to the graphic interface much more accurate than many other alternatives) works with its own internal search engine that is outside the main torrent repositories, such as The Pirate Bay or Corsaronero, thus working even if these were to be closed.

One of its main features is attention to anonymity, allowing not only the obfuscation of incoming and outgoing connections, but also the use of the Tor protocol to obtain a maximum level of security when using this service.

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Deluge is a torrent client, open source and free, which makes of its ease of use, immediacy and simplicity the strong point. We talk about a particularly light software that allows access from any platform to torrent networks, and at the same time to overcome any sort of limit that the telephone operators or network administrators impose on your connections.

Among the inevitable options we have the management of the band available for download and upload and the ability to control it remotely through a web interface designed ad hoc.


MacBest Torrent Client Mac 2018

FrostWire is not just a client for downloading and uploading files on torrent networks, but it is a real media center for its own downloads. In fact, it allows you to manage the multimedia files that we are downloading by going to check the id3 tags, going to play and integrate perfectly with iTunes.

This software was born fork of LimeWire, born to defend the original project from any legal retaliation, today is one of the most complete and interesting app for torrent download from any platform, including Apple computers. It allows the management of the band and integrates a chat system to communicate with the community members during the download and upload activities.


One of the most popular alternatives, on any platform, to uTorrent is just qBittorent. This software was born with the aim of distinguishing itself as an ultra light and safe alternative to uTorrent. Graphically, and at the level of functions, it is not a very complex product, but rather simple but stable and functional. It integrates an internal search engine for files in .torrent and can be remotely controlled remotely using a browser and a web site in Ajax.

Allows, like almost everyone, the control of the available band for torrent files, limiting it or accentuating it according to its needs.

The overall scope of torrent websites is increasing at a very rapid pace day by day and as a result, torrent websites have unlocked its door for Mac users as well. There are millions of Mac users who are willing to access the most popular torrent sites to get their favorite torrent files exclusively for free. But when it comes to Mac torrent sites, the only thing which is a matter of concern for Mac users is privacy. Due to all the privacy norms set up by Apple for their manufactured devices, it has been made impossible for a virus or any suspicious files to penetrate the security layers of Apple devices. That’s why we recommend Mac users to use these sites to get all torrent files in exactly one place.

But before you use them to get your favorite torrent files, we wanted to let you ensure that they have installed a proper VPN product on your Mac device so that you can escape from being caught or fined by ISP. As we all know that accessing blocked or unblocked torrent sites is an offensive task in most countries due to copyrights violation, that’s why we suggest our users install a VPN on their Mac device so that it can behave as a shield to their identity and will provide Mac users an extra layer of security as well. Feel at a loss which VPN to choose? Maybe you can find the answer in the article – Top 5 Best VPN Browsers Online for PC, Mac, Android & iOS 2019. Now let’s show you the list of the 10 best Mac torrent sites and clients in 2019.

Part 1. 5 Best Mac Torrent Sites in 2019

1) The Pirate Bay

Torrent downloading for Mac users is certainly inseparable from The Pirate Bay which commonly appears first in most people’s brains. The way in which this torrent website delivers the content to users is just magnificent. There are separate sections available on this website which contain a lot of different torrent files. Mac users can easily download their favorite torrent files to get some satisfactory results. The graphical user interface is another outstanding feature of this website which can be ignored for no reason. All you need to do is to enable the VPN on your Mac device and access this website to get a personalized experience in accessing the best torrent files.

Tip: Here we recommend you a useful tool called Jihosoft Video Converter you may need when you find the format of your downloaded video not compatible with your media player. Jihosoft Video Converter is very professional in converting video formats between a series of formats, such as P4, M4V, MPEG, MKV, RMVB, TS, VOB, H.264, HD WMV, etc. You can click on it to learn more!


This Mac torrent website is really a very awesome website which contains millions of different torrent files on its database. Since users are required to login to this website, it is not so popular among Mac users. But as a Mac user, you can easily create your free account to access all the torrent files without any issue. Though the user interface of this website is not pretty much appealing, it can be negotiated if the content availability is the main concern. This torrent website is well known for providing torrent files of the newly released TV series and other TV shows as well.


RARBG is another very good torrent website for Mac users since it offers a lot of awesome features to its users for free. Like EZTV, this website also requires users to login with the username and password. The presence of a huge database on this website will ensure that you have selected one of the best torrent websites. This website offers a lot of entertaining stuff like torrent files of movies, TV shows, music, and various paid software packages as well. That’s why this website is satisfying all its Mac users with its performance and we hope that the smooth functioning of this torrent website will remain to be the same in the future as well. By the way, there are many alternative sites for RARBG that you can try!

4) 1337X

Another very satisfying option present in this list for all Mac users is 1337X which can complete torrent downloading for Mac users. Inside the trending section of this Mac torrent website, you can access all the latest trending torrent files which are most frequently downloaded by users on a large scale. The content on this website is displayed in the most elegant way and due to this reason, 1337X holds the massive popularity among Mac users. The overall graphical user interface and the presence of a huge database on this site will surely let you feel you have made exactly the right choice. To find more websites similar to 1337X, you can read an article about the best alternatives to 1337X.

Best Torrent Client Mac 2018

5) LimeTorrents

An absolute beauty of this Mac torrent website is providing content for users who are looking for the best source of torrent files for free. On the homepage of LimeTorrents, you will see an input search option box where you can search for the torrent file you are looking for. Moreover, you can easily browse torrent files according to the various sections whose icons are represented at the bottom end of the homepage. This website is also known for getting updated with the latest trends and popularity so that users will get all the related stuff which will satisfy them at the best levels. Though this website lacks a good GUI, still, it is a sure shot choice for every Mac user.

Part 2. 5 Best Torrent Clients for Mac in 2019

Torrent clients are another very good source of getting all the torrent files by requesting to the strangers who are online on that client server. Basically, a torrent client will let all users gather on a specific platform where they can share all the resources they have with each other. That’s why it is recommended to get a good torrent client platform which will surely help you get the torrent file not available on the above-mentioned torrent websites. We have gathered 5 different suggestions about the top Mac torrent clients in 2019Forza horizon 4 mods download. which we are going to mention below.

1) uTorrent (Mac)

uTorrent is undoubtedly the best Mac torrent client present in this list which might help you out in getting your desired torrent file. There are lots of incredible features present in this client, which makes it a perfect choice for all Mac users. You can use the “Add Torrent” feature of this app to help you add or upload the torrent file which you have in your system. However, the regular updates of this app might annoy you a bit, but updating the firmware of this app to the latest version will surely allow you to access the premium user experience for free.

2) qBitTorrent (Mac)

qBitTorrent is another fantastic choice as a Mac torrent client which is developed with an excellent user interface. This Mac torrent application is developed with lots of handy tools, making the searching complexity much lower. Moreover, the qBitTorrent app is having one of the best torrent search engines to increase the search efficiency of different results. The essential features present in this torrent client are pretty much good in our opinion and that’s why we like the overall functioning of it. So, just get this application installed on your Mac device to get your desired quality stuff for free.

3) BitTorrent (Mac)

The developers of BitTorrent maintain and operate this Mac torrent client by themselves. That’s why you will see a lot of optimistic features for a better searching process to enhance the user experience. However, in this Mac torrent client application, you will get a lot of ads which are totally annoying, but there is no concern about the content quality issue. BitTorrent official client app for Mac is pretty much smaller in file size which will not take extra space in your Mac device storage. Overall, this BitTorrent official client app seems to be more furnished and well optimized in terms of features if compared with the older version of it.

4) Vuze (Mac)

Packed with lots of extraordinary features, this Mac torrent client is another very good choice for Mac users. Users can easily download torrent files from this client application unlimitedly for free. The user interface of this app is also very good, which makes it a complete all-round choice for users. But the ultimate strong feature of this Mac torrent client application is its powerful search engine. The search engine of this app is really very strong and powerful which is capable of fetching the required torrent files very easily from the web server. There is an integrated virus protection pack available with this Mac torrent client which can reduce the risk of virus attacks up to a great extent.

Torrent Client For Mac

5) Deluge BitTorrent Client (Mac)

Last but not the least, Deluge BitTorrent Client for Mac is another excellent option available for Mac users who have not been used to the functioning and features of the above-mentioned Mac torrent client applications. This Mac torrent client is having most of the rich features which will make the overall torrenting experience pretty much enhanced. The scheduled downloading of different torrent files is another very excellent option present in this Mac torrent client for an easier downloading task.


Best Torrent Client Mac 2018 Free

In a nutshell, we can conclude that there are several Mac torrent sites and clients in 2019 for Mac users to download torrents easier. We have mentioned the best suggestions above in this article and hopefully, we can think that you are taking the best advantage of them. And please leave the name of your favorite torrent site below in the comments section.

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