Best T Shirt Design Software For Mac 2017


Making your T-shirt design unique is essential for appealing to your potential customers. You want it to be eye-catching and communicate the style of your brand. So, choosing the best photo-editing software is paramount – especially if you can find free photo-editing tools that really work for you!

There are so many options to look for like colour editing, filters, red eye reduction and art modes, you might not settle on just one phot-editing tool but use different ones to create unique effects.

  1. Adobe Illustrator is by far the most full-featured t-shirt design software on the market. Not only is Illustrator one of the more expensive options on our list, but it also has one of the steepest learning curves.
  2. Three rhinestone design software programs make creating transfers and decals a breeze. Rhinestone design has come a long way from hand-drawn patterns on thin tracing paper. Technology makes the.
  3. Trusted Windows (PC) download Smart Shirt Designer 2.2. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Smart Shirt Designer alternative downloads.

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To save you the time researching the options, I’ve compiled a list of the Free Photo-Editing Tools that you can browse through so you can spend your valuable time concentrating on designing!

1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is not free to use but does have a free trial period which is worth using. Illustrator has plenty of features that will increase the productivity of your design time. The latest release has enhanced tools and features making it more effective than earlier versions. If you decide to continue using the software after the free trial period, keep in mind that you will be paying a monthly fee.

2. Art Explosion T-Shirt Factory Deluxe

Free to use and easy to download, Art Explosion T-Shirt Factory Deluxe will give you the freedom to create your own, unique, t-shirt designs. With tools to edit photos, draw your own images and to add text, you can explode your creativity!

Download tip: The page has a lot of adverts, hover your mouse over the download button to make sure you get the right software.

3. Green Hat World Free T-shirt Design Software

If you’re looking to create a simple T-shirt design, this basic software from Green Hat is great. It’s free to download, but again there are a lot of adverts on the page so be careful to download the right software. With this T-shirt design software, you’ll be able to add Clipart, or your own, images, edit the colour and add text.

4. Picture Solutions Free T-shirt Design Software

Similar to the software available from Green Hat World, this is a free-to-download, basic software that will allow you to add images, either your own or from clip art, insert text and edit colours. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional this Free T-shirt Design Software will be easy to use due to its simple tools and user-friendly interface.

5. Graphic Design Shop

Set your creativity free with this free software from Graphic Design Shop. A versatile software that can be used to design images for a range of items in addition to T-shirts, it gives you a range of tools that you can use to draw, add photos and text, create layers and edit.

Compatibility: A possible drawback to this software is that it is only compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

6. Avery Printing Software

Available to download free for Microsoft Office and Apple Mac, Avery Printing Software is an advanced photo editing tool with specific software for designing T-shirts.

7. Fat Paint Graphic Design Software

On the more complicated side of software, if you’re looking for the freedom to create your own design from scratch, this is worth a look. With tools that allow you to manipulate page layout, create logos, work with 3D text and includes vector image editing, your T-shirt design can be completely creative. It may take some time to get to grips with all the functionalities of this software but there are tutorial videos that you can watch so as long as you have the time to spare, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Free to download but only compatible with PCs that run Windows, image and photo editing software has plenty of tools to get your T-shirt designing underway. The interface is user-friendly so you’ll master it quickly. A definite plus is the unlimited “undo” functionality, erasing the stress of making errors. The popularity of this software means you’ll become part of a growing online community – support, forums and tutorials will be at your fingertips!

9. Gimp

Professional T-shirt Design Software

Gimp is a free image editor that is cross-platform. It is compatible with GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and other operating systems. The recent release this month fixed some glitches resulting in a smoother interface and better quality switching between desktop and tablet. A fantastic piece of software, Gimp has tools to allow you to edit photos and to create mind-blowing artwork and graphics.

10. VCW Vicman’s photo editor

Containing a number of effects and filters, VCW Vicman’s photo editor also features all the basic functions you would expect such as cropping, resizing and rotating. You’ll be able to combine functions in one image, and use tools like automatic colour correction and colour swapping to truly individualise your images.

11. Photoscape

A great piece of software for fixing and enhancing your photos, Photoscape features easy-to-use functionality which allows you to manipulate your photos. Enabling you to combine multiple photos, split single photos, and merge photos to create a whole new image, it has all the basic tools you’ll need.

Compatibility: For Windows 10 and Mac users, you’ll need to download Photoscape X

12. Google Nik Collection

A powerful collection of photo editing tools available for free from Google. Filters and tools allow you to manipulate colour, texture, tone and to sharpen images. The plugins are also compatible with other software so even if the ongoing support and software updates aren’t reliable, you’ll be able to use these editing tools with other software like Photoshop for free.

So what are you waiting for? Download your free photo editing software and get started on your create T-shirt designs!

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Remember to let us know in the comments if you particularly like one of the photo editing software on the list or if you’ve got a favourite that isn’t mentioned.

Alternatively, if you like to creating your own freestyle designs without photos, why not try one of these graphic design tools to create your individual t-shirt design?

Draw SVG


Art Weaver

The app to enable product customization on your website as well as manage business process. inkXE encourages higher sales opportunities, increase customer satisfaction, get repeat sales using one tool.

An Overview of What You Get:

  • Enable customers to personalize t-shirts using its featured cliparts, font libraries & other preloaded design elements.
  • From backend admin panel, print shop owners can configure the product design area, pricing rules, designs, templates, orders and manage other designer studio features.
  • Developed using HTML5 and AngularJS to make the plugin independent of all devices (i.e., mac, windows, mobiles phones, tablets).
  • Easily integrates with all eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop, etc. to provide a dynamic web store experience.
  • Configured with various decoration processes such as DTG, Sublimation, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Heat Transfer.
  • High-resolution print-ready outputs with Vector PDF, SVG, and 600 DPI PNG formats.
  • It supports multiple language & currency as per your country.
  • 24*7 technical support & 1 year free updates.

Design Studio Features:

Rich Text Effects

  • Personalize with various shapes, font size, colors, Custom Text FX Fonts and QR Code.
  • Nearly 40% of t-shirt customization consists of at least some text.
  • The t-shirt design app provides customers to add interesting effects on text such as Text-Art, Text-on-Path, Text-Cloud, Curve-Text.

Upload Image From Anywhere:

  • Import images from local storage and social media platforms.
  • Attach source files for printing with each image upload.
  • AWe provide quality rating scale to the image uploaded if the image is of acceptable resolution so that the actual print on t-shirt looks crisp.

Add Image Effects

  • Personalize images with image masks and distress effects, background removal, patterns, clip mask image to personalize your product.
  • Advanced color palette with RGB, CMYK and other pattern supports automatically displayed for decoration methods.

Design Templates

Best T Shirt Design Software For Mac 2017
  • EDon’t let your customers leave without having fun with your online print shop
  • Exclusive collection of Pre-loaded T-Shirt Design Templates
  • Decorate with cliparts, text features, images & many more

Save & Share Design

  • Customers could not only create their artwork on products but also save and share their designs.
  • They would log-in later and pick up from where they left.
  • It enables re-edit or re-order faster and easier for the users.

Real Time Price

  • Real-Time Pricing for ongoing T-shirt decoration
  • Accurate display of pricing along with various currency support.

Order Multiple Size & Colors

  • Choose orders of multiple size & colors.
  • inkXE t shirt designer plugin enables your customers to place bulk orders of the same design of multiple t shirt sizes and colors in a single customization process.

Switch Between Print Methods

  • The plugin equipps your users to switch between various decoration methods while customizing.
  • Supports all decorations method
  • They choose the right decoration methods as per their budget, quantity, and convenience.

Mobile Friendly T Shirt Designer App

  • The app is mobile responsive so that print shop owners manage their print shops remotely and customers shop from their mobile devices.
  • Compatible with all screen sizes and browsing platforms with responsive layout

3D Preview

  • 3D preview makes sure that users visualize how the end product would look like.
  • This way they decide if the product is perfect for them or not.

Admin Features for Print Shops

Flexible Decoration Area

  • Set multiple decoration areas.
  • Add decoration areas of different shapes & sizes.

Dynamic Print and Price Setting

  • Set various prices for different printing process, product size, color variant etc.
  • Keep pricing process transparent and updated

Flexible Price Rules

Set price rules for the color variant, size variant, print area, design area, use of white base and a lot more. Also for the usage of specific cliparts, fonts, templates and uploaded images by the users. You can also set variable price per order quantity, the number of colors used, screen cost, etc.

Unlimited Cliparts, Fonts & Assets

  • The tool comes with an extensive collection of 5000+ t-shirt cliparts, 100+ fonts, and other assets.
  • Print businesses may add an unlimited number of cliparts, fonts, and assets to the tool.

Pre-decorated T-Shirt Templates

  • This HTML5 T-Shirt Designer Tool comes with a bundle of pre-decorated t-shirt templates.
  • You create more templates of your choice.

Order File

  • Auto-generate Print ready order files after users place an order.
  • Generate order files in your server in various formats to meet your needs.


  • Integrate our product designer tool on various eCommerce platform.

The multi store feature is available for Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and PrestaShop. Print businesses set up multiple shirts designing websites and with online t shirt design software they can customize easily as per the t shirt ideas of their customer.

Multiple Language, Multiple Currency

  • Set up stores with different languages, different units, and different currencies.
  • You can have multiple color themes for these stores as well.

Allow/Block Design Features

  • Allow features you want to have in the designer studio
  • Block features you don’t want in the designer studio


  • Create eCommerce marketplace with inkXE
  • Enables users to sell their designs with the approval of the admin

inkXE Admin

Web-To-Print admin features that lets you configure your storefront that best fits your business need.

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