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Xee, qView, and XnView are probably your best bets out of the 11 options considered. 'Easy to browse through picture folders quickly' is the primary reason people pick Xee over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision.

You can print in black and white on Mac Word using the following instructions: Open the Word File and press Command P Choose the print settings you need to use Select Black and White in the color settings. How to create a black and white preset for printing on mac. You can define a preset from the print dialog. First change the settings for what you want, and then choose the Presets Save As menu. If you leave your preset selected, it will be selected the next time also, so you will never have to change it. Create a name for the preset settings; such as, “StandardSettings.” 8. Click on the All Printers button to make this preset available to all printers connected to your computer. You should see the name of your preset settings listed under the Presets drop-down menu. Click Print, to print using your preset. Set all the parameters you want for a printer, such as color, two-sided (if an option), Apple’s four sections (Media & Quality, Layout, Paper Handling, and Cover Page). You should also be able to.

Whether you make a living as a photographer or just capture moments as a hobby, you know photography gear is to be taken seriously. And by gear we mean not only lenses and tripods, but also software tools. Editing, watermarking, resizing, organizing — this toolkit of photography software for Mac will have you covered. Take a look.

Here’s our list of best software for photographers

  1. Movavi is an affordable photo manager that costs only $39.95 and is available both for the Windows and Mac platforms. This is the best program for those seeking a professional digital photo manager. Available for Windows – Yes.
  2. Simple: my need for the best photo management software is the same as yours, and the winner for large collection management is what I’m now using for my personal photos. Once I accepted that my collection needed organization (grudgingly, since I always love photographing more than organizing), I decided that I would only be using the best.

CameraBag Pro: Photo and video editor for Mac

Having robust photo editing software on your Mac is almost as important as shooting on a good camera with a powerful lens. CameraBag Pro gives you the editing power you need in a clean and glossy interface. With 200+ professional filters, you’ll quickly jazz up your photos before posting, while more advanced controls let you do anything from color correction to retouching. Based on a powerful processing engine, CameraBag Pro is the best photo and video editing software designed for speed and quality.

Gemini 2: Duplicate photo finder for Mac

It often takes a dozen takes to catch the smile on your baby’s face or capture a skater in motion. The problem is that similar shots add up and make it hard for you to find the ones you actually like. And if they get out of hand, eventually you’ll find yourself running out of disk space. Before that happens, add a duplicate photo finder to your workflow. Gemini 2 finds not only exact duplicates (which typically appear when you merge several libraries), but also those lookalike photos. You can quickly compare images, check mark the copies you don’t like, and bulk delete them in a click.

Photos: Photo organizer app for Mac

Photo management software for Mac is a whole niche, but honestly, the system’s own Photos is good enough for organizing your library (here’s a more detailed guide to organizing your library with Photos). Just like the iOS version, Photos on macOS automatically groups your pics into Moments, Collections, and Years. Plus, it creates separate albums for selfies, your favorites, panoramas, and videos. But the best feature so far is Smart Albums: it lets you group photos by a whole range of criteria, such as filename, date, camera model, and even the person in them. Speaking of which, you can search for a photo with a specific person in it, as well as try and find the photo you need by its content — like “cat” or “sunset.” So even if you never leave home without your camera and have thousands of pics to organize, Photos is up to the task.

Renamer: Batch rename photos on Mac

Organizing thousands of photos is a whole lot easier when you have a naming system. And while macOS offers basic renaming options, Renamer lets you get far more creative. For example, you can add the day taken, dimensions, camera, or folder name — and even bulk convert JPEG into JPG to keep all your images consistent. Plus, if you make a mistake or a typo while renaming your whole photoshoot, you’ll fix it in a snap.

PhotoBulk: Watermark and bulk resize photos

Once you start getting your photos out there — posting them on Instagram, putting together a portfolio, or publishing them on your blog — you need a few additional tools. Watermarking, so you can establish a name and the content doesn’t get stolen. Resizing, so you can fit the photos into a blog post. Lossless optimization, so that your portfolio loads fast. PhotoBulk helps you do all that in bulk, with the added benefits of converting images and managing their metadata.

Squash: Photo compressor for Mac

High-quality photos can be unreasonably heavy, and the web has no love for heavy images. If you’re uploading your work to a portfolio or a blog, huge photos can slow it down to a halt. An image compressor for Mac like Squash will prevent that from happening. It’s a super simple one-click app that squeezes all extra data out of your photos and makes them a lot lighter without loss of quality.

Uplet: Instagram app for Mac

What was built as a platform for quick mobile snapshots is now a whole gallery for photographers of all levels. Nevertheless, Instagram is still geared towards mobile photography, so if you shoot on a camera and edit on a Mac, you probably have a whole procedure just to post to Instagram. But that’s about to end: with Uplet, you’ll easily upload your shots to Instagram from Mac. This uncomplicated app gives you access to the most wanted Insta feature — bulk uploading photos and videos right from Mac’s desktop. You can also adjust image size appearance and add captions in Uplet before sharing your content. Smooth and easy.

Hope these tools improve your day-to-day as a photographer! If there’s a great app we missed, hit us up on Facebook, and don’t forget to share the list with other photography fans.

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Best Photo Management Software For Mac Os

/Similar Image Finder /The Best Photo Management Software on Mac (2021 Update)

Got a lot of photos on your Mac and no time to sort them out? Discover how photo management software Mac can breeze them swiftly!

You have 2 choices for organizing your entire media collection and galleries. One is to manually delete old and duplicate images and videos. Another, you can use a program to automatically do the dirty job.

Of course, the manual method takes a lot of time and effort before you can even finish one album. Apparently, we are also too busy to find the free time to do these kinds of tasks but we love taking photos, don’t we?

You might not realize that you already have thousands of photos saved on your device and you might need the best photo management software 2021 to help you declutter your gallery. Let’s see how we can use programs to manage our photos and delete duplicates in no time!

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Article GuidePart 1. How to Select the Best Photo Management?Part 2. Best Photo Management Software for MacPart 3. How to Organize Photos Library on MacPart 4. Conclusion

Part 1. How to Select the Best Photo Management?

There is a lot of photo management software to choose from, each of the software may have some features and other software may not have it. That’s why it’s always best to choose what you think is best for you.

You may also list down your top priorities in choosing a software here are some examples as follows:

  1. Is it easy to navigate?
  2. Can it automatically detect duplicates?
  3. Can I sort it by date, size or location?

There is no guideline to follow on what to select as your photo manager, your needs and comfortability should be your utmost priority on selecting one.

Photo Management Software provides the following benefits:

  • Organize Photos
  • Finds Similar Images
  • Frees space

There are plenty of these photo management programs available online and most of them are quite too expensive. This is the reason why users decline using these kinds of program and rather let their mess stay put.

There is one program with a free download version that can provide all the benefits mentioned above!

Part 2. Best Photo Management Software for Mac

There are amazing programs can do more than just organizing and finding duplicates on your galleries. We have collected some best photo management software for Mac 2021 that you can browse and enjoy along!

Best Photo Management Software

  • iMyMac PowerMyMac
  • Gemini 2
  • Mylio
  • Dr. Cleaner
  • Apple Photos
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 15
  • Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra 9
  • Phase One MediaPro1
  • Unbound
  • Corel PaintShop Pro 2018

Now you have these choices in case you need some extra help in organizing your photos, and we'll introduce some of them in details. We highly recommend iMyMac PowerMyMac for better, safer, and more convenient tool!

Photo Look-a-like locator: iMyMac PowerMyMac Similar Image Finder

To take the best photo, sometimes it will take you to have multiple shots before achieving the desired lighting and angle. The tendency for you to have multiple duplicates that could take up so much of your time in selecting which ones to keep and to delete.

Similar Image Finder from iMyMac PowerMyMac can collect and detect identical photos so you can decide which ones to keep and the ones that you would like to get rid of to help you save up on your storage. It is a one-stop solution to find similar photos, remove, scan and organize! This is the best photo management software on Mac so far.

Features and Benefits of Similar Image Finder

  • Quick to scan identical image
  • Display Results by date, time and size
  • Totally free of charge with 500MB
  • Safe to use

How to Use iMyMac PowerMyMac Similar Image Finder?

Using this software is as easy as it can get because it made with a straightforward onscreen prompt so users can confidently manage it without difficulties:

  1. Visit the website to download iMyMac PowerMyMac then click on the icon that states Free Download, then open it.
  2. Select the tool Similar Image Finder under the Toolkit module in the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the Scan button and it will look for the duplicate photos, it will update you about the process and it will just take a couple of minutes.
  4. Once the scan is done, select the Review icon this also includes the size of the picture and how many are the duplicates
  5. On the left-hand side of the screen then you will have the liberty to preview each photo and then Select the ones that you want to delete when you are finished.
  6. Click on the icon Clean to remove the similar images.

That’s it! You are done finding similar images on the Mac and you get more space now for more important files. You may also go through the Duplicate Finder tool with the same process for a more definitive cleanup.


You can also take advantage of the rest of the tools offered by iMyMac PowerMyMac such as System Junk, Uninstaller, Privacy and many more!

The Basic: Apple Photos

Before looking for third-party photo management software, you might want to give Apple Photos a chance if this would work for you. Though the features may be the basics if you are not that selective enough, then you may try this one since it’s already installed on your Mac at the time of your purchase.

Features and Benefits

  • Slideshow of your Memories
  • Recognition of Sceneries and Objects
  • Live Photos
  • Basic Editing features like cropping, adjust brightness and contrast, etc.

How to use Apple Photos

  1. On your spotlight search key in Apple Photos double-click on the icon to launch the software
  2. Start managing your photos

Mac Photos Organizer for Free: Mylio

Did you ever know someone that is highly organized on their stuff even if not diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)? Or just a person who doesn’t want a mess and wants to get stuff always accessible at all times?

Then you may recommend this software for them since one of its great features which is the Calendar. Think of it as a Calendar with months and when you open a specific month, it will show you the photos taken on the entire month.

If you are looking photo manager windows, then you can try this free program because it supports for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android.

Best Photo Management Software For Mac Os

Features and Benefits of Mylio

  • View your photos online or offline (Non-Cloud-based service)
  • Calendar View
  • Location View
  • Create Folders

Download and Install Mylio

Before downloading the software, the application has some requirements to run smoothly on your Mac. Your mac should be a core i5 processor or higher, 64G hard drive with 8GB of RAM but having 16GB of RAM is highly recommended.

  1. Go to the website, in the middle of the screen select the icon Get Mylio Free then the download process will start.
  2. Look for the file mylio.dmg which can be found on Downloads Folder
  3. The installation process will automatically start, it can be launched under Applications Folder or you can add it on the Dock.

Tip: Photo organization can take up so much of your time, but if you practice the following tips and make it a habit it will save you from a future headache.

  1. Try not to hoard photos
  2. Add identifiers such as tags or keywords
  3. Use cloud-based storage
  4. Delete photos that are not needed real-time

Part 3. How to Organize Photos Library on Mac

iCloud Photo Library lets you save, edit, and share great snaps with friends and family across any iOS devices.

Now you can access iCloud Photo Library on Mac and edit them professionally by first turning it on.

Turn on iCloud Photo Library on Mac:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Find iCloud and click Options next to Photos
  3. Click iCloud Photo Library

Best Photo Manager For Mac

What’s best with iCloud Photo Library is that it automatically sort and organize all media types such as photos, videos, and more.

It also creates albums based on your captured moments. If you want a professional editing on your photos you can send them to third-party photo apps for editing and save it right back to the Photos folder.

If you have other iOS devices, you can simply turn on the iCloud Photo Library on all of them to simultaneously sync, edit, access, and share photos anytime and anywhere

Part 4. Conclusion

Taking photos is a great way to build up and make memories. However, they clog up the system too. We can choose to use third-party disks to save them or we can simply remove the duplicates and keep the most loved images only.

Decluttering should be always the first step prior to organizing your photos on your Mac, remove all the unnecessary files before creating folders and categorizing them.

By using iMyMac PowerMyMac Similar Image Finder can save you from wasting your time in deleting the duplicate images.

Best Photo Management Software For Mac Os High Sierra

There are numbers of photo managers for mac that you can choose from, but always keep in mind that it is your convenience and comfortability is your utmost priority in selecting software. Check out which among these famous apps work best for your needs!

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