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Whole digital slide scanning allows online viewing of your entire tissue section for digital pathology reviews. The Aperio Scanscope CS is for brightfield scanning. The system automatically finds tissue then creates focus points across the entire section. Slide scanning is an excellent way to archive slides, annotate regions of interest, share, and create publication quality images. Several image analysis programs are also available.

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Aperio imagescope free download mac free

Prepare Slides

Download Aperio ePathViewer for iPad for iOS to aperio ePathViewer is a fast easy-to-use way to view eSlide images anywhere, at any time. Aperio ImageScope by Aperio Technologies is a piece of software that allows you to view medial images captured with an anatomic pathology scanner. Sadly, Aperio ImageScope for Mac is not available for download, but, there are several alternative apps that can be used to view medical images. Installing ImageScope Installing ImageScope Download ImageScope from www.aperio.com if you do not already have the ImageScope.exe file. Copy the ImageScope.exe installer onto a CD or flash drive. Open the XP Virtual Machine you created. Install ImageScope by clicking on the executable and following the instructions. Aperio shines in the fact that it’s both affordable and functional. Those interested in trying Aperio can download the tweak for free from the Dynastic Repo repository. Aperio supports jailbroken iOS 13 devices.

Best results are obtained with tissues with even thickness (4-5um) (see Slide Quality Counts below). Slides with air bubbles, cracks, marks, extra or wet mounting media, plastic coverslips, or thick slide labels may require additional efforts to obtain a quality scan. Sections placed close to slide edges or small coverslips will affect quality and image analysis (these edges are interpreted by software as tissue). These issues can be corrected by having a specimen re-cut, re-cover slipped, or re-stained.

Submit Slides

Clinical slides? Do not submit slides with private health information (PHI)- conceal with an opaque temporary label.
Aperio Imagescope Free Download Mac
  • Complete and submit the Slide Scanning form.
  • Bring slides to D11-41 submissions counter.
  • Turnaround time is 0.5-2 work days depending on slide numbers and staff availability. Let staff know of any deadlines at sample submission.
  • First-time UF submitters – request an individual user account on the Slide Scanning form. You will receive an email containing your username (Gatorlink ID or other provided email name) and a temporary password. The temporary password must be changed on first login. Follow UFHealth IT security policies for maintaining a secure password.
  • Non-Pathology department users -Image server space is provided at no charge for 1 month for non-pathology users. You are responsible for image file transfers. Bring an external drive or DVD or purchase a DVD from the Core for image file transfers.
  • You will receive an email when slides are ready for pickup. Pick up at D11-41 submissions counter.

Login to eSLIDE Image Server

  • Bookmark the link: http: https://apreslides.ahc.ufl.edu/Login.php

  • Enter your username and password received from MPC. The username will generally be the text before “@” in your email address. Change your temporary password.
  • Find your Case (clinical) or Project (research)- These are listed by PI’s last name or group name.
  • Open your folder and look for the images in the lower panel. If there has been more than one subfolder, each is a separate “specimen”. Open the specimen for the images using the “+” sign of the icon or click on the brain icon.
  • Click on the box by each slide you want to open. Chose View Images from the specimen toolbar.
  • Need assistance? Contact us or use Help in eSlide or ImageScope.

Aperio Imagescope Free Download Mac Version

Viewing Scans

  • Windows computers- install free Imagescope software from Aperio website – ImageScope Download
    • highly recommended- allows snapshots for publication quality images (TIFF, JPEG), annotating, distance measurements, positive pixel count, and many other features. Will open any .jpg and .tif image.
    • ImageScope needs to be selected from Webviewer the first time then it will become the default image viewing program. Chose the link in the upper right of the Webview image border.
  • Mac computers- uses Webviewer.
  • iPAD ePathViewer from iTUNES- add MPC as a site to the navigation bar. Great for emailing snap-shots to colleagues.

Slide Quality

Aperio Imagescope Free Download Mac Download

Best scanning results will be obtained from glass slides with tissues of regular thickness (4-5 microns) and coverslipped. Slides with marks (such as ink dots), extra mounting medium, non-glass slides, plastic coverslips, thick labels and labels that are going around the slide present challenges for proper imaging, and may need to be removed in order to obtain an optimal scan. Images are individually reviewed once the scanning is completed. Scans with a poor quality will be rescanned manually to achieve the maximum quality possible. The equipment can not scan slides with wet mounting media, more than two slide labels, labels on the back or the bottom of the slide, double slides, or broken slides. The slide and coverslip should be free of fingerprints, dust, and dirt. Any pen markers on the slide also need to be removed as the scanner will consider such marks as tissue. Faint stains, air bubbles, thick sections, or marks on the glass surface can cause lower quality scans. In some cases, we recommend sample recut or restaining.

Aperio Imagescope 12.4 Download

Fees and Invoicing