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Full list of the top Business Software apps that are similar to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, including Grammarly, Cisdem Document Reader, PDF Split and Merge, Winsome File Renamer, TIFF Combiner. When it comes to PDFs, Adobe Acrobat is the first stop for many. After all, Adobe developed the PDF format, and its applications have become the standard that other software solutions orient themselves around. But Adobe Acrobat alternatives.

  • Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative 1. The best part about Nitro Pro is that the software has a lot in common with Adobe Acrobat. This is possibly the primary reason why it is widely considered to be the best alternative for Adobe Acrobat.
  • And for Linux users like me, a proprietary application that only runs on Windows or Mac isn't an option anyway. Since PDF files are used in so many different situations for so many different kinds of purposes, you may need to shop around to find the open source alternative to Adobe Acrobat that meets your exact needs. Here are some tools I enjoy.
  • The next alternative to Adobe Acrobat is called Foxit Phantom PDF. Unlike the usual PDF converters, this tool is equipped with easy to use editing functions which can be used to crop.

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There is no doubt that Adobe Acrobat Pro for Mac is the industry standard when it comes to PDF editing. However, the cost of this software tends to be a disadvantage, especially for small businesses and individuals. Adobe Acrobat does, however, have some negatives as well, and you may want to consider an alternative to Adobe Acrobat for Mac. If so, you're in luck. The article below outlines the top 5 free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe acrobat 10 for mac

Top 5 Adobe Acrobat for Mac Alternatives

1. PDFelement

This is the first on our list of Adobe Acrobat for Mac alternatives. PDFelement is an easy and robust PDF editor for Mac. One highlight of PDFelement is that it is affordable, especially when compared to Adobe Acrobat. This makes it one of the best PDF editors that offers value at a much lower cost.

PDFelement can edit and annotate PDFs quickly and easily. It can create and convert PDF files from one format to another and can fill and sign forms easily. PDFelement can not only edit the text but also edit images, pages, and links. It is very compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur.


  • Affordable: One major challenge with Adobe Acrobat Mac is that it is expensive. However, PDFelement is much more affordable. You can get all the features of Acrobat with PDFelement at a much lower cost.
  • Free Trial: Not all PDF editors offer a free trial version of their software but PDFelement does. You can try PDFelement for free and see how it works before buying the full version. After testing out the free trial version, you can upgrade to the paid version if it seems like a good fit for your needs.
  • Top Notch Security: PDFelement is designed with top-notch security for your documents. Protect your documents from being viewed by unauthorized third parties. You can also use password protection to protect documents from unauthorized viewing and access.

Supported Systems: Mac, iOS, Windows, Android

Download this Adobe Acrobat for Mac alternative now.

2. PDF Expert

This is another good alternative to Adobe Acrobat for Mac. Aside from PDF editing and annotation, PDF Expert for Mac lets you merge and split PDF files, annotate your documents, share content with others, create and fill PDF forms, and convert PDFs to and from other formats. In addition to the above, you can also encrypt, redact, and sign PDFs using this software. PDF Expert supports all Mac systems.


  • There is an opportunity to use the trial version initially
  • Not as expensive as Adobe Acrobat Pro for Mac


  • The trial version has limited features
  • When compared to other editors, its user interface is not quite as good

3. Preview

This is another Adobe PDF Reader for Mac alternative that can edit PDF files easily. It can view PDF, sign PDF, add PDF text and annotate PDF. Preview for Mac is easy-to use with its friendly interface.

Adobe Acrobat Dc Alternative For Mac


  • It is designed to be very easy to use
  • It can transfer PDF documents on any Apple device such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac


  • Even the advanced version of the software lacks a lot of features
  • Only a 7-day free trial is provided

4. FineReader Pro for Mac

FineReader Pro for Mac might not be as popular as other PDF editors on the market but it is also one of the best alternatives for Adobe Acrobat Pro for Mac. The software can be used for a lot of things like OCR PDF documents and editing images in PDF.


  • It can recognize PDF text in more than 180 languages
  • It can convert PDF to many formats such as Apple Pages, Apple Numbers, Microsoft Office


  • This app has limited functionality when it comes to PDF editing
  • It is not as easy to use as other PDF editors

5. PDFpen

This software can handle PDF editing in Mac systems while at the same time not being too complex. It has a lot of interesting features that make it a worthy alternative to Adobe Acrobat for Mac. PDFClerk Pro contains a lot of layout options when compared to other PDF editors. You can get PDFClerk Pro for as low as $48.


  • It lets markup PDF, edit PDF, OCR PDF, redact PDF, etc
  • It is easy to use.


  • It does not have an interesting interface
  • It lacks some of the main features found in other top editors

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Changes to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Licensing

The Adobe Acrobat Pro DC licensing model has changed to a subscription-based model, which means University of Waterloo departments/units will now have to purchase a subscription for Acrobat Pro DC directly from the Adobe online store or the reseller Softchoice, and they will be paying a higher yearly cost for use of this software.

Acrobat Pro Alternative Mac

Do I still need Adobe Acrobat Pro DC?

Adobe Acrobat For Mac Free

Many commonly used features of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC are available in other applications Waterloo employees already have access to (e.g. Microsoft Office, Preview). Alternate, less expensive applications may also be available for purchase. Please see the list of alternatives below.

Adobe Acrobat Dc For Mac

You may still require Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, if you:

  • create and/or edit fillable PDF forms
  • make remediations for accessibility (i.e. adjust tags or reading order)
  • need to edit content directly in a PDF document (Note: edits can be made to some files using Microsoft Word)

Alternatives to Acrobat Pro DC

Creating PDF documentsMicrosoft Office
  • Create your file in a Microsoft Office program (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and then save the file as a PDF.
  • Save a copy of your file as the appropriate Microsoft Office file type (e.g. .docx, .xlsx, .pptx) as it will be useful when you need to edit your PDF in future.

  • You can convert an image file to PDF using the macOS default image and PDF viewer.
Editing content in PDF documentsMicrosoft Office (with original file)
  • If you have the original Microsoft Office file, open the file in the appropriate Microsoft Office program, make your changes, and then save the file as a PDF again.

Microsoft Office (without original file)
  • Open the PDF in Word, make your changes, and then save the file as a PDF again.
  • Works best for files that are short, mostly text, with simple layouts.
  • You will need to re-apply heading styles, re-add alt text to your images and tables, and re-set the header row(s) for your tables.
  • You may need to reformat other aspects of your file as well; the more complex the file, the more reformatting you will need to do.

Adobe Acrobat Export PDF(purchase required)
  • An Adobe Acrobat Export PDF subscription will grant you access to the Export PDF tool in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and your browser through Adobe's Document Cloud.
  • Export the PDF file to Word or Excel, make your changes and save the file as a PDF again.
  • Exporting a PDF produces a Word document that retains more formatting than simply opening the PDF in Word.
  • This is a better option for files that are long or complex, of if you have many PDFs to edit.
  • You will need to re-apply heading styles, re-add alt text to your images and tables, and re-set the header row(s) for your tables.
  • You may need to reformat other aspects of your file as well; the more complex the file, the more reformatting you will need to do.

Adding comments and marking up text in PDF documentsPreview
  • Annotate a PDF using the editing tools in the markup toolbar. You can sketch/draw or insert shapes, add loupes, text, and notes and speech bubbles.
  • You can also mark up text in a PDF: highlight, underline, and strikeout text.
Filling and signing PDF formsPreview
  • In the Preview app, you can fill out and sign PDF forms.
  • To fill in a form, simply click on the fields to enter text, select radio buttons or checkboxes, or pick from a set of options.
  • To sign a form, you can draw or insert an image of your handwritten signature.
  • If the form does not have interactive fields, you can annotate a PDF to fill it in, by using tools like Sketch and Text, instead of printing and filling out by hand.
Adding, deleting and rearranging pages in a PDF documentPreview
  • In the Preview app, you can add, delete, or move PDF pages.
Combining multiple PDF documents into a single PDF documentPreview
  • In the Preview app, you can combine multiple PDFs, in whole or part, into a single PDF.
Replacing a signature page in a PDF documentPreview
  1. Open the original PDF document and signed page (PDF or image file).
  2. Delete the blank signature page from the original PDF document. See add, delete, or move PDF pages.
  3. Combine the original PDF document (minus the signature page) with the signed page (PDF). See combine multiple PDFs.
  4. If necessary, move the signed page to the correct location by dragging and dropping the thumbnails.

Adobe Acrobat Dc Alternatives For Mac

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